Reasons Why You May Need To Contact A Medical Attorney

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Imagine one day, you are on your way to work, and suddenly, you start feeling sick, and nothing seems to ease the discomfort caused by the sheer pain you are going through. You dial 911 and rush to the nearest emergency facility.

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A sense of relief rushes in, knowing that you will receive top-notch treatment as soon as you reach the emergency care unit. Although, there is nothing unusual in trusting your doctor or their treatments or procedures. But even the last thing on your mind shouldn’t be pondering about medical malpractice in the process.

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Although the general perception about medical malpractice is that it rarely happens, but it does exist. Many malpractice incidents do not make it to the recorded data. Therefore, we may not find an accurate number of deaths occurring due to the negligence of health professionals. On the contrary, the statistics reporting the deaths resulting from medical malpractice reveal an entirely different situation.

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Different studies report that medical malpractices are the third leading cause of death in the US. A 2017 study revealed that medical malpractice caused 251,000 deaths annually in the US. Moreover, most of the deaths occurring due to malpractice involve a wrong diagnosis. At the same time, many others occur due to inappropriate treatment or drug administration. However, if you have been a victim of medical malpractice and thinking if you should contact an attorney or not, here is your best guide.

1. Dealing with insurance companies

Health insurance policies mainly cover all our medical expenses. But when it comes to claiming for malpractice, your insurance companies may not appear very friendly. Instead of taking the burden on yourself, having a medical attorney expert can facilitate your case. Your lawyer can get you the best possible compensation for your case, and you can focus on your rehabilitation.

Losing a loved one to a deadly disease is painful. However, the pain may become unbearable, thinking that your loved one could have survived if the doctor did not make a mistake. Medical attorneys are trained professionals skilled in building effective negotiation with the insurance claims to facilitate their clients.

2. Proficient paperwork

If you have lost your loved one due to medical malpractice, filing a complaint is not enough. In a medical malpractice claim, there is endless paperwork that you will be fulfilling to carry out the procedure. But filing a lawsuit without any paperwork is of no use either, as all your efforts will go in vain. The paperwork of every lawsuit requires review and response. A medical attorney knows the significance of paperwork in lawsuits. They are aware of the legal language giving their case a more professional and authentic outlook.

3. Understanding the claim

Making a medical malpractice claim may seem easy, but it has its hurdles. You can only take benefit from the case if you know the claim that you want to file. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all formula, but every claim has a different value. Factors that contribute to a claim involve the intensity and type of injury, its consequence, and negligence of healthcare providers. Every aspect has a different influence on your claim, which may add value to your case, or it can go for an average settlement. A medical attorney helps understand the potential result of your claim and its impact on the award based on their experience.

4. Speeding up the process

Navigating a medical malpractice claim is often complicated. However, without an attorney, you will barely see any progress in the process you filed some time ago. Having an expert navigate your process through legal procedures and negotiation is essential for your claim’s speedy processing. Your attorney will present you in and out of court, whether it is a lawsuit or a settlement negotiation.

5. Pays attention to details

A medical attorney deals with much more than medical practice cases. They often handle personal injury cases and stay busy facilitating their clients with different claims. Dealing with other issues empowers the lawyers’ experts in their field. Also, they answer the questions you may have regarding your case. An expert medical attorney pays attention to every aspect of medical malpractice claims to favor their clients to every possible extent.


Doctors represent the image of a qualified professional ensuring our health and well-being with accuracy and quality care. Medical malpractice can happen at any time to anyone. However, if you are grieving over the consequences of malpractice on your loved ones, you may not process things with the right mind.

Even if you wish to execute a legal procedure, hiring a medical attorney is essential to navigate the case and guide you through every legal step and paperwork. You do not have to bear the consequences of inadequate medical practices. It is your legal right to hold the professional accountable for medical malpractices to prevent future losses.

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