What a pregnant orgasm feels, by trimester What to expect


Pregnant orgasm or intercourse during orgasm is totally safe during pregnancy unless you have an underlying health disease. What is an orgasm? Orgasm is a pleasurable feeling during intercourse. It may be involved two people or just one, it doesn’t matter. During pregnancy, it doesn’t harm your baby because your baby is already protected and packed in the uterus which the amniotic membrane and amniotic fluid. But it may be harmful to those who have some medical problems.

There is no scientific logic to stop sex during pregnancy, except in complicated women. Sometime, your doctor may ask you to abstain from sex during early pregnancy, if you have a history of miscarriages in the past. You should consult your doctor if you have had complications in previous pregnancies such as preterm labor or bleeding. Otherwise, masturbation, intercourse, or pregnant orgasm is safe quiet.

What Are The Condition In Which Pregnant Orgasm Is Not Considered To Be Saved?

These are some medical conditions in which your doctor may ask you to abstain from intercourse or sex during pregnancy. These are:

  • Vasa Previa (When umbilical vessels cover the placenta including the cervix)
  • Past History of miscarriages
  • Vaginal discharge or Vaginal bleeding
  • Placenta previa (When the placenta covers the cervical region)
  • Previous preterm labor
  • Premature rupture of membrane
  • incompetent cervix (when the cervix is shorter than normal length i.e about 22 millimeters)
  • Vaginal infections
  • Weakened cervix

Oligohydramnios (decrease fluid level). This fluid is a protective barrier for your baby against the outside world. A deficient amount of water makes vulnerable your child to external injuries. In this case, don’t have intercourse.

Pregnant Orgasm Feels, With the Trimester

First Trimester

Libido increases during the first trimester because your breasts are already swollen and tender, so get easily stimulated by your partner. Therefore, sex during the first trimester is very interesting. Your libido may decrease too. But it’s OK too. Your body is already very sensitive during the first trimester, you may get quicker and more satisfying pregnant orgasm during this trimester.

Second Trimester

Sex becomes more enjoyable during the second trimester of pregnancy. As the days pass, the body becomes more sensitive, breasts become sorer, and natural vaginal discharge also increases than usual, therefore, the body gets easily seduced and pregnant orgasm feels more pleasurable. You may also feel post-orgasm uterine contractions. Though, the position may vary as the baby’s size increases, it puts more pressure on the uterus.

Third Trimester

Sex or intercourse becomes more difficult during the third trimester as the baby bump acts as a physical barrier. As your baby has occupied all your uterus, so your muscles are unable to contract as they should be during the intercourse. Intercourse is allowed during the third trimester too, except those who have a complicated pregnancy. But you should consult your health care provider, to be on the safe side.

Mysteries & Facts about Pregnant Orgasm

1- Is there any harm to the fetus?

No. Indeed, it may even feel like a massage.

2- Is it true, pregnant belly gets hard during orgasm?

Yes, it’s true. Your belly muscles contract as they usually do, but these abdominal muscles become more prominent because your belly’s extended already due to growing fetuses in abdominal.

3- Is pregnant orgasm feels less intense?

Yes. Because your abdominal muscles are fully contracted or extended during the third trimester due to enlarged baby size. Therefore, you are unable to have a full-on orgasm

Alternatives to Sex

If you are not allowed to have sex during pregnancy, you can try other forms of intercourse or sexual pleasure. These may be

Benefits of Sex During Pregnancy

Sex, masturbation, or physical intimacy may be good during pregnancy. Some women also complain of stronger and intense orgasm during pregnancy.

  • Intercourse during pregnancy is good as it
  • lowers your stress level
  • Increases the secretion of endorphins
  • Improves your sleep
  • Ease your pain
  • Masturbation is also considered safe during pregnancy as it has no risk of transmitted infection during sexual activity.

Side Effects Of Intercourse During Pregnancy

No doubt, it is safe during pregnancy. But women may have
increased post-orgasm Braxton-Hicks contractions, that are sometimes uncomfortable.

Increase abdominal cramps

Therefore, you must discuss with your physician about orgasm during pregnancy. Because every woman has a different past history and different pregnancy symptoms. Otherwise, intercourse is safe during pregnancy, but it’s encouraged.