ED is much Beyond a Sexual Disorder

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Erectile Dysfunction or simply ED is making men underperform on the bed which makes their partners unsatisfied and frustrated. In the current scenario with the rapid increase in cases and that too in every part of the world, had it not been coronavirus ED would have been the most talked-about disorder.

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Earlier only old-aged men were the patients of ED, but nowadays even the young men who just made their step into adulthood, college-going students, newlywed men have become patients of ED. This clearly shows that ED is not just a normal disorder that can be cured by simply pills like Fildena 100, Cenforce, Vidalista from Arrowmeds but it requires much more acknowledgement.

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If looked at from the outer perspective ED is a sexual disorder because it damages us from the aspect of sexuality. But if we go into little detail, which we will later in this article, we would know that besides damaging us sexually it has more serious after-effects which often get unrecognized.

What leads to ED?

The question is very simple and straight but not its answer. There are multiple reasons to make someone an ED patient right from our eating habits to our sleep cycle, every single aspect of our daily routine influences our sexual health.

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This lack of sexual awareness and attitude of taking things for granted is what makes the circumstances even worse. Many ED-affected people do not take the required steps and on the other hand, healthy people due to unawareness tend to consume the pills.

ED in basics is the condition when the men cannot get their penis erect at the time of sex. The erection of the penis is solely dependent on the blood flow into the penis. If the penis gets enough supply of blood, it becomes erect or else not. Now on what parameters does this depend, when will the blood enter the penis, and when not? Who decides it?

Well, the answer is smoking, drinking an excessive amount of alcohol, the reaction of other drugs, inadequate sleep, emotional disturbance, or after-effects of some other diseases, etc. Even being a patient of obesity and diabetes mellitus increases your chances of becoming an ED patient. All of these listed things have the capability of preventing the blood from entering into the blood vessels of the penis, ultimately to non-erection of the penis.

How ED is not just a sexual disorder?

Going by the readings till now you must be of the view that it is a disorder that is curable. Then why are some people get serious while talking about ED as if it is cancer? The reason is its after-effects and the conditions in the body which follow after getting diagnosed with ED.

Apart from the biological changes, the people around him and his reaction to people also change. The person is faced with reality when his friends, relatives, and in some cases even spouse shows signs of betrayal and dissatisfaction. The same is the case at the workplace and almost everywhere, people make that person a piece to laugh at. This is the reason that ED patients shy from talking about their disorder to them because they know that instead of motivational quotes, they would get teased and looked at as if they had committed some crime.

The person does war with both the disorder and the people around him as well. In many cases, the couple gets divorced on the grounds of not getting a compatible husband. Think from the perspective of such a man who is suffering from a disease and on top of it he gets separated from the love of his life.

More than sexual pleasures he gets a mental shock through which getting out is not a bed of roses. Some start isolating themselves from social events, start loving their own company. This habit gradually grows towards the point where the person becomes the patient of depression. This is the reason that most ED patients also visit a psychiatrist’s clinic regularly. In such cases, even Fildena 100 Online, Cenforce 100, Vidalista from Arrowmeds will not work.

Because these drugs are only to erect the penis, the sexual desire which causes the erection is not generated with these drugs. In depression one does not even think of having sex so, no erection, therefore. The sexual drive or the seduction is an organic process that cannot be done with any drug.

How can ED be treated?

So, going by the above explanation, the only solution to get rid of ED is to make sure that there is no hindrance in the path of blood directed towards the penis. Any drug like Fildena 100 Online, Cenforce, Vidalista 20mg from Arrowmeds does this same task of maintaining good blood circulation in the penile region. But remember these are temporary solutions, for the next sexual encounter you need to take the drug again. For the permanent solutions eradicate the reason behind ED. For example, if smoking led to ED in your case, eat the pills and with it give up smoking.

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