Jy hoef nie meer bang te wees vir ruggraatchirurgie nie

Daar is vandag soveel mense wat aan erge rugpyn ly, maar die opsie van chirurgie weier. This decision is primarily due to the negativity and fear surrounding the issue of operation and anesthesia. You may have heard many horror stories from friends and family of people who got fatal outcomes or the surgery never improved their situation.

Maar, it would be best if you didn’t base your decision on other people’s stories without a professional opinion. This article shall help you understand why you should not fear going for the spinal surgery that your specialist recommends.

Spinale Fusie Vooruitgang

Oor die afgelope paar jaar, mediese vooruitgang het spesialiste gehelp om nuwe tegnieke te ontwikkel om ruggraatprobleme te hanteer. Een hiervan is wakker spinale samesmelting, a minimally invasive surgery that substitutes the standard spinal fusion.

The procedure has benefited numerous people helping them to undergo the spinal repair process smoothly and with exemplary results. Due to the spine’s delicate nature, specialists discovered this technique to make the operation faster and less risky. The following are some perks of this new method.

model of a human spine

Minimaal indringend

While the other regular operations usually make deep cuts to ensure they physically reach the spinal bones, this new technique doesn’t need that. Die velinsnyding wat benodig word, is slegs een tot twee duim diep. Die chirurg kan ook kies om die sny aan die onderrug of, die onderbuik, depending on the area they desire to address.

Vinniger Genesing

As gevolg van die vlak snye, die genesingsproses word minder pynlik en vinniger. Die wond genees binne 'n paar dae, en die rug word ook vinniger in lyn gebring. daarom, the patient can return to normal walking and activities within no time.

Maar, you should not engage in heavy lifting or strain your lower back muscles before getting a go-ahead from your physician.

Doelgerigte narkose

Daar is baie verskriklike stories oor die gevare van narkose en die implikasies daarvan na die operasie. Maar, hierdie nuwe prosedure help om daardie vrees aan te spreek deur streeksnarkose te gebruik, which only numbs the targeted area and not the whole body.

Dit verminder die dosis wat gebruik word aansienlik en help om die betrokke risiko's te verminder. Aangesien algemene narkose hier onnodig is, the patient can be on their feet as soon as possible.

model of a human spine

Verminderde gebruik van opioïede

Opioïede is sterk pynstillers wat dokters voorskryf, veral na die operasie. Some of them come from poppy plants like Morphine or can get manufactured in a lab. These drugs are highly addictive, and one must strictly follow the prescribed dosage.

nietemin, when it comes to this new technique for lumbar fusion, the minimal incision and long-lasting regional anesthesia make the recovery journey faster. daarom, the patient will only use the medication for a short time to decrease the likelihood of addiction.

Spinal surgery should no longer give you a scare. When you are in the hands of a specialist, you will be sure of expert handling for the best results. The physician will also advise you accordingly to help you know what to expect and what the healing process will look like.

You should also ensure that you visit qualified medical personnel for treatment. Due to the operation’s delicate nature, any small error could have extensive damage. Maar, with a trusted surgeon, you will achieve strength and total recovery from persistent back pain.

HP Gedagtes: Your spine would be in a much better shape if you observe these tipsGoeie praktyke om jou ruggraatgesondheid te verbeter.

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Solank jy die instruksies van jou dokter volg en 'n gesonde leefstyl handhaaf, jy sal 'n ander getuienis gee as dié van die ander. You will be evidence of the possibility of fully recovering and returning to your everyday lifestyle.

Moenie dat daardie knaende rugpyn jou vrugbare jare verwoes en jou in die toekoms groter probleme kos nie. Stem in tot die spinale samesmeltingsoperasie en laat die spesialiste jou help om 'n ten volle funksionering te geniet, strong spine at minimal risk.

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