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نبات القنب: دليل كيفية النمو والحصاد

We all have our share of hobbies and interests, and this pandemic has undoubtedly brought out the best of those. We have all gotten much closer to ourselves as we discovered ourselves, even more, when we couldn’t go out and meet our friends.

ومع ذلك, the downside is that we have also gotten closer to our darker side. When you need to boost your mood in such situations, it’s a great advantage to have your aid ready beside you. لهذا السبب, many turned towards growing their cannabis plants!

بالطبع بكل تأكيد, you could buy your supplies from reputed vendors like essence cannabis dispensary or others of your choice, but having your plant sounds interesting! This article is your guide to growing and harvesting the cannabis plant!

What is Cannabis?

Cannabis has become almost a household name that everyone is familiar with. It refers to 3 plants known Cannabis sativa, Cannabis indica, و Cannabis ruderalis.

These plants possess psychoactive properties and are well-known for their medicinal uses and other benefits. The flowers of these plants on drying up provide us with one of the most popular drugs in the world. Depending on which part of the world you come from, you may know it as marijuana, weed, or pot.

Cannabis is gaining massive amounts of popularity around the globe. تتغير القوانين على مستوى العالم حيث يدرك المزيد والمزيد من الناس أنه يمكن أن يكون لها تأثيرات طبية وقد يكون لها استخدامات جيدة. We will discuss the legal aspects in the latter part of the article.

دعنا نفهم هذا النبات بشكل أفضل ونرى كيف يمكنك تجهيز نباتك الصغير للاستخدام الشخصي. هناك مشكلة شائعة تتمثل في أن مصطلحات مثل الحشائش والوعاء تقترب تقريبًا من القنب “غير شرعي” الممارسات. Even the name marijuana seems to fall out with the younger generation due to its association with racism.

The main benefits of cannabis include a sense of relaxation, a dire need at hectic times like these. In some places, medical professionals even prescribe it to assist in the fight against some medical conditions. These may include chronic pain, فقدان الشهية, إلخ.

Even cancer or epilepsy might soon join this list, but more studies are required to confirm these rumors. Another thing that you need to remember when entering the world of cannabis because though it is considered a natural product as it comes from a plant, قد يكون لها بعض الآثار المتطرفة, both positive and negative.

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زراعة النبات

الآن بعد أن عرفنا المزيد عن المصنع, دعونا نرى ما إذا كان بإمكاننا أن ننميها بأنفسنا وما هي الخطوات التي نحتاج إلى اتباعها. أولا قبل كل شيء, تذكر أن النباتات الأنثوية هي ما يجب أن نفضله. إنها تؤدي إلى إنتاجية أعلى للبراعم التي نحبها. يمكن للمبتدئين شراء أجزاء من أ “أم” female plant and use them to grow their plant.

الزراعة الداخلية

لقد أدركنا أن البعض منكم يشعر بالفعل بخيبة أمل لأن الظروف المناخية في منطقتك ليست مناسبة له growing the cannabis plant.

For you folks out there, do not worry because we got your back. Indoor farming is a technique where we (most commonly) use small pots (ones made of clay and not cannabis) to grow a plant. Many people who love gardening are already familiar with this process.

هنا, the idea is that you don’t expose your little buddy to the harsh climates outside. You can put soil in this pot and grow the plant inside your room. ومع ذلك, you would need a few extra pieces of equipment. You would require artificial light to emulate the sun’s effects.

This light should fall directly on the plant. The temperatures needed are also a bit high. Around 24-30° C should do the trick. بالإضافة إلى, you must also be cautious to keep the humidity and CO₂ levels.

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Outdoor Farming

Let us now see the steps to grow the plant for the others who live in favorable climates to grow cannabis. It’s a great benefit if you already have the perfect humidity levels and temperature range.

You need to water the plant at regular intervals, prevent soil erosion, and ensure the plant gets enough light (على الأقل 8 hours of sunlight every day). ومع ذلك, remember that overwatering the plant is harmful. عادة, you don’t need to water the plant every day. When following the outdoor farming method, you can have a large-scale plantation.

Check the government sources to see if you could get any policies that aid outdoor plantations. When planting, remember that the sweet spot is from April to October. Then comes the harvesting season.

Environment-friendly practices

We live in the 21st century, where scientific innovations are at their all-time peak. ومع ذلك, there is a downside to this. We also harm the environment, and it is a good thing that there is more than ever awareness about it. We always look for better measures to help keep our environment safe and healthy.

When it comes to growing cannabis, we must take a few steps to ensure that we don’t cause the environment any harm. For starters, just like with any other plantation, we should minimize water wastage and reduce the carbon footprint. ووفقا للدراسات, eco-friendly measures also result in better yield.

The quality of these plantations is also high. Outdoor farming has the upper hand in this regard as, unlike indoor plantations, it doesn’t require additional appliances to maintain favorable temperatures or artificial lights. بالتالي, outdoor farming is the more natural process out of the two.

Harvesting the crop

As discussed earlier, you can grow your plant from April to October. Around October, it’s time to reap what you sow! When the buds start growing swollen, you know it’s time. There are various harvesting methods that you can look up on the internet. The most popular way is cutting the plant at the base and hanging it upside down in a dark room. Make sure that a temperature of around 22° C is maintained.

You can also lookup methods like topping, LST (low-stress training), defoliation, super cropping, main-lining, إلخ. These methods enable the grower to manipulate timelines and yields.

Legality issues

القنب موضوع حساس, والقواعد المتعلقة به تتغير باستمرار. هناك عدد قليل من الولايات في الولايات المتحدة حيث توجد قانوني بعد بعض الشروط. ومع ذلك, تذكر ذلك في الولايات المتحدة, إنه غير قانوني على المستوى الفيدرالي. لذلك قبل زراعة النبات, قم بأبحاثك وتحقق من القوانين في منطقتك لضمان سلامتك.


ليستنتج, من المفهوم أن لدينا جميعًا هوايات مختلفة. لأولئك الذين يحبون البستنة كثيرًا ويريدون استراحة رائعة لأنفسهم, legally growing cannabis might be an option.

كما اكتشفنا الرحلة الكاملة لزراعة نبات القنب في هذه المقالة, أخبار اتفاقية التنوع البيولوجي يقترح أنه يمكنك الآن البدء في زراعة نباتك الخاص مع بعض المساعدة من المشتل المحلي أو الأصدقاء الذين يعملون في البستنة. يمكن أن يوفر لك وجود مصنعك بضع رحلات إلى السوق عندما تشعر بالضعف!

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