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Was sind 3 Strategien, die häufig zur Behandlung von Sucht eingesetzt werden?

People who struggle with drug use disorders often discover that resolving their condition is more difficult than they had anticipated.

They can believe that addiction is fiction and that they can stop using it whenever they want to, or that they are an outlier compared to other people who struggle with addiction. This is also a possibility with behavioral addictions, which may include behaviors like overeating, sexuelle Aktivität, Glücksspiel, shopping, or even physical activity.

Everyone struggling with a substance use disorder (SUD), alcohol use disorder (EUR), oder Verhaltensabhängigkeit sollte es zu einer Priorität machen, die Fähigkeiten zu erwerben, die notwendig sind, um sich von ihrer Sucht zu befreien. Das Erkennen, dass es ein Problem gibt, und das Erlangen von Kenntnissen über die Vorgehensweise beim Aufhören sind wesentliche erste Schritte auf dem Weg zur Genesung; dennoch, Dies kann schwierig sein.

Dieser Artikel enthält Ratschläge, die bei der Überwindung der Sucht hilfreich sein können, und beschreibt die Schritte, die unternommen werden müssen, bevor ein Erfolg erzielt werden kann. Außerdem, it discusses the withdrawal symptoms that you can encounter as well as some of the treatments that are available that are known to be helpful. To know more in detail, click here.

Get Ready for Some Change

Even when you have a crystal-clear idea of what you want to accomplish, you may still need to be flexible. In order to be ready, you should get rid of any addictive drugs that are lying around your house and get rid of everything in your life that can act as a trigger and cause you to use addictive substances again.

In den meisten Fällen, this involves getting rid of any paraphernalia or other objects in your environment that can rekindle your urge to take an addictive drug or participate in risky activity.

Altering your daily schedule so that you spend less time in situations or with individuals who are known to stimulate food cravings may also prove to be important for you. You may also get ready by making a strategy for how you will overcome your addiction and gathering the tools you will need to be successful in this endeavor.

Dies sind zwei Beispiele für andere Methoden, um bereit zu sein.

Beispielsweise, a person who is attempting to kick the habit of smoking might begin by determining whether they would quit smoking all at once or slowly cut down on the amount of nicotine they take in over time.

Der nächste Schritt wäre, dass sie sich die notwendigen Ressourcen aneignen, um erfolgreich mit dem Rauchen aufzuhören, wie der Beitritt zu einer Selbsthilfegruppe, Kauf einer Nikotinersatztherapie (NRT) Produkte, or consulting a healthcare provider about the possibility of receiving a prescription for smoking cessation medication.

Decide to Change

One of the most crucial stages in recovering from an addiction is making the choice to alter one’s behavior. You have shown an awareness of the issue as well as a motivation to find a solution to it by recognizing that there is a need for change in the situation.

The process of choosing to change and determining how that change will manifest itself is one that often requires a significant amount of time. This stage is calledcontemplationbecause it entails thinking about whether or not to change and how to do so.

jedoch, ambitions that are too ambitious may sometimes be counterproductive. It is preferable to intend to stopcold turkeyand end up relapsing, which may be more harmful than just continuing as normal without making any changes, so setting a goal that you will really reach is preferable in this situation.

It is especially beneficial at this point to speak with a physician, an addiction counselor, or a psychologist since these professionals can help you understand the dangers and the things that may help relieve them.

seeking help from others

Seek the Support of Others

It’s possible that the preparations involving social ties will be the most difficult. Some of the relationships that individuals who are recovering from addictions have may center on the addictive activities that they engage in.

In circumstances like these, establishing boundaries within those relationships and joining a self-help organization like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) may be beneficial in that they provide a group of individuals who understand what the individual is going through and can provide support.

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