5 Best Home remedies for flu, symptoms and cold

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Yes, Home remedies for flu! Flu (influenza) is a very common problem among the people and caused by a viral infection. Flu can also be caused by bacteria. It is not a life-threatening condition but may be a symptom of many underlying pathologies. There is no particular medicine for the cure of flu, but millions of natural home remedies for flu are there which are being used traditionally. These home remedies or home health tips might help soothe the flu symptoms such as sneezing, coughing, congestion, and sore throat rarely.

Exciting Home Remedies For Flu

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A variety of home remedies are being used traditionally to treat the flu at home effectively. People could use any home tip for flu cure by their own choice. But a few home tips are discussed below that are not only alleviate the flu symptoms but also reduces how long you have flu. They include

1- Drink hot herbal tea

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Home remedies for flu

Many herbal teas have antibacterial as well as antiviral properties so it quickly fights against the flu causing organisms. Mostly Tami flu is prescribed in flu because it has amazing antibacterial properties to fight against the organism and cure the tea quickly.

2- Bed Rest

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When you have flu, it is very important to take proper rest and get more sleep. The reason behind this is that sleeping actually can help boost your immune system. Thus it helps your body fight against the flu virus. Therefore, you should take rest, make sleep a first priority and cancel your all daily routine tasks to get back in your normal healthy life

3- Ginger Tea

Ginger has been traditionally used to relieve a sore throat, common cold and also loosen up the congestion due to flu or cold. It has strong anti-inflammatory properties that might help soothe the flu symptoms. It must be drunk in the form of tea if you are taking it for flue or cold. Drink it two times a day. It not only effectively cure the flu symptoms but also refuses the nasal congestion.

There is no need for any perfect training to make it. Just make a tea, as usual, a small piece of ginger add into it and keep it on flame for 5-10 minutes. Your ginger tea is ready to get back you on your feet.

4- Hot Liquids

The most reliable and easiest way to relieve nasal congestion is by drinking hot drinks. because it reduces the inflammation, prevents dehydration, and soothe the mucous membrane that lines the nose. A hot toddy is an age-old remedy but a very acceptable way to loosen the congestion. You just need to make a cup of hot herbal tea. Add one small shot of whiskey and one teaspoon of honey. Shake it well. Not exceed the limit or one shot, because it can worsen the symptoms by more inflammation.

5- Use Warm Compressor

A very common belief, when you have flu, cover your body with a warm cloth. Because warm cloth on the forehead and nose is a great way to relieve headache or sinus pain due to the flu or cold.

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