Comprendere le implicazioni della medicina alternativa

In tempi più recenti il ​​mondo è visto come un villaggio globale, è diventato più facile per le persone imparare cose nuove da culture e percorsi di vita diversi. In un mondo in cui la migrazione è vista e accettata come un costrutto sociologico, it is expected that the cultures of different people would travel along with them as well as pick up new ones from their host community. This movement around the world and appreciation for the peculiarities of some cultures has resulted in the rapid development of the globe as well as fostered better integration. One such area that has been touched by this cultural integration is health.

The health sector has been revolutionized and is still been changed by this phenomenon. In the U.S. ad esempio, la medicina ortodossa è sempre stata la principale forma di trattamento. tuttavia, con la diversità culturale che gli Stati Uniti. ha sperimentato, c'è stata in larga misura una qualche forma di assimilazione culturale. Ciò è stato ulteriormente rivelato quando la medicina ortodossa non poteva offrire soluzioni durature ad alcune malattie come l'epilessia, dolore cronico, tra gli altri insieme al crescente costo dell'assistenza sanitaria. Le persone con tali malattie andavano naturalmente alla deriva per cercare altri trattamenti sanitari che fossero più convenienti ed efficaci. This gave rise to alternative medicine.

Alternative medicine is a form of treatment that sees the whole body as an entity, in which a problem for one part affects the other part of the body. Infatti, alternative treatment is more of a lifestyle than a form of treatment as it doesn’t just address medical symptoms but also the main cause of the problem and hence eradicates it. In questo articolo, we would be considering alternative treatments that have proven effective over time, and some illnesses they help cure or prevent as the case may be.


Yoga is a combination of physical, spiritual, and mental practices and activities that has its origin in ancient India. It involves you doing breathing exercises, meditazione, and exercises. It improves happiness and health. It helps to train the mind and build positive energy. Helping to achieve a holistic harmony between the body, mente, and environment. Research shows that chronic pain causes changes in the brain structure that are linked to depression and anxiety. Now practicing yoga has just the direct opposite effect on the brain.

Yoga being a very physical activity changes the human perception of pain as it is believed that in the practice you get to master your pain. These mind-body practices have been researched and the outcome is it reduces pain. Research also shows that yoga improves the gray and white matter in the brain, a reduction of which causes memory impairment, decreased cognitive functioning, and pain perception. Yoga improves gray matter through neurogenesis and white matter via neuroplasticity. Research has revealed that changes in gray matter are the most significant psychological factor in chronic pain.


Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese method of reducing pain and balancing body energy. It is the act of inserting needles, pressione, and heat into the body at specific points and varying depths. These needles are inserted at strategic points in the body where nerves, tessuti, and muscles can be stimulated. Questo processo innesca i recettori del dolore nel corpo per attenuare il dolore e generalmente aumentare il flusso sanguigno. Oltre il dolore, è utile per la regolazione della pressione sanguigna e riduce le possibilità di ictus poiché i muscoli sono ben stimolati.

Acupuncture has proven to be a highly effective treatment for chronic pain, soprattutto mal di schiena, dolore al collo, e l'osteoartrite. Riduce drasticamente gli episodi di dolore cronico, mal di testa, ed emicrania. It reduces pain by deactivating the source by regulating endorphin levels and blocks the pain signals coming from the nerves. It has also been useful in treating fibromyalgia.

Terapia dietetica

Diet therapy is the process of eating food with the end goal of being healthier. With the help of a dietician, you are guided on how to eat and get the best nutrients from the meal coupled with when best to eat and when not to. It is eating in a regulated and monitored fashion with the end goal being to decrease, increase, or maintain a bodyweight, which is basically being healthy. Dieting helps with weight loss for those who are obese, reduce cancer risk, help manage diabetes, prevents stroke, improves memory, and overall body functioning.

Dieting incorporates eating a balanced diet which includes fruits and vegetables, cereali integrali, starch, e proteine ​​magre. Vegetables and fruits provide antioxidants to protect the body cells from damage. Fiber helps control the cholesterol level and blood sugar levels, and lean protein help build muscles. An essential advantage of dieting is the discipline it helps an individual attain, resisting the urge to eat late, eating as when due are key factors in developing our body and mind which is the message of holistic living, taking charge of one’s life.


Cannabis falls under herbal medicine, in which a plant is used for its medicinal benefits to bring healing to a patient. Cannabis as a medicinal plant has been one of the fastest-growing forms of alternative treatment in the world today. I due componenti principali della cannabis che sono i principali responsabili delle sue proprietà medicinali sono il THC e il CBD. Il THC è la sostanza psicoattiva della cannabis che dà l'effetto che la rende utile nel trattamento dei disturbi d'ansia e della depressione. Mentre il CBD è responsabile per aiutare con l'epilessia e la sclerosi multipla. tuttavia, la cannabis nel suo insieme aiuta nel trattamento del dolore cronico, glaucoma, cancro, artrite, e molto di più. Si può facilmente vedere più condizioni che la cannabis può aiutare con nella moderna era digitale.

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