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7 Ideas to Set Up Your At-Home Gym

According to numerous studies, regular exercise lowers your stress levels, improves your overall mood, and promotes better sleep. Do you enjoy exercising but don’t want to splash the cash on an expensive gym membership? With some extra space, the right equipment, and a little creativity, you can create the perfect gym inside your home!

Creating an at-home gym requires a lot of careful planning and effort. People usually shy away from the idea of building a home gym and go for an expensive gym membership instead. However, whether you have a small shed in your backyard or an unused basement, the home gym ideas and organization tips mentioned below will enable you to design a fitness room that entices you to work out every day. 

Garage-Based Home Gym

If you have an unused garage, there is enough space for an at-home gym, specially if it can house multiple cars. All you’ll need is a ten by six feet area, which you can easily free up by cleaning out your garage. Remove items you no longer require and move them to a storage unit or your backyard shed to achieve this fit. After that, you’ll only need a few pieces of basic gym equipment such as a barbell, a couple of free weights, and some adjustable dumbells from a trusted company like SportzBits. The extra space your garage provides you makes a garage-based home gym one of the best ideas out there. 

Basement-Based Home Gym

Your garage isn’t the only free space available inside your house. You have your basement as well! If you have an unused basement, it is a great spot for building an exercise area. That said, some people also turn their patios into home gyms. All you require are a few pieces of common gym equipment such as free weights, a treadmill, or an exercise bike. 

Bedroom Corner Gym

If you cannot turn an entire area into a home gym, you can always utilize your bedroom’s corner. You don’t require a lot of space to place your favorite workout machine. Moreover, you could also add a foam roller to your equipment collection to help relieve muscle soreness and tightness. It won’t require much space, and you can put it away in your bedroom’s corner when you aren’t using it. It is a small but mighty workout tool for individuals to exercise in tight spaces. 

Attic-Based Home Gym

Instead of overlooking an unused attic, take a cue from thousands of other home gym owners and convert it into a fully-fledged home gym. However, ensure that your attic is well-lit and contains gym essentials like free weights, an exercise bike, a treadmill, and a TV. Furthermore, you can also install a high-quality sound system to motivate yourself and power through your workouts. 

A Home Gym With A Great View

If you are fortunate enough to have a house with a beautiful view, designate a little space in it for workout purposes. Not to mention, all you need is a yoga mat or an area rug with some non-slip backing material. Plus, avoid using towels or rugs if you’ve got hardwood flooring or ceramic floor tiles to avoid slippage during your important workout sessions.  

A Contemporary Living Room Home Gym

There will never be anything as motivating as a home gym with colorful equipment. Craft a home gym inside your living room and place a few pieces of art that contain contemporary and vibrant hues in the background. Furthermore, using cheerful, bright colors rather than those plain old black-and-white shades will ensure your home gym is a fun and energetic place. Moreover, don’t forget to purchase weights racks, a small treadmill, and some dumbells to complete your living room gym setup. Also, you can install a punching bag on your living room’s ceiling and practice boxing if running on the treadmill isn’t your thing. 

Crossfit Garage Gym

If you have a detached garage, you can turn it into Crossfit heaven. Hang old-school gymnastics rings from your garage’s ceiling for your strength training and conditioning workout regimen. Plus, don’t forget to add old-school gym mats for more cushioning to avoid any injuries if you end up falling while working out on the gymnastics rings. Moreover, ensure that the garage is well-lit. Hang a couple of pendant lights to complete your CrossFit garage gym’s rustic look, or go modern with a couple of dome lights. 

HP Thoughts: You have to warm up initially so that muscle aches and injuries could be avoided. One of the popular conditioning exercises is running and you could do this indoors, too! Read our post — Maximize the Effectiveness of Indoor Running.


If you stash your gym equipment under your bed or inside your closet, chances are you will end up ignoring it for longer than what is appropriate. Creating a home gym isn’t the easiest thing; It is all about keeping your gym equipment in plain sight, as doing so will encourage you to use it regularly. Utilize the at-home gym ideas mentioned in this article to ensure you turn your home gym ideas into a reality.  

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