Boost Your Metabolism

10 Best Tips To Boost Your Metabolism


İntroduction to metabolism is very important before you know how to boost your metabolism. Metabolism means all the chemical reactions taking place in your body. These reactions help the body to stay alive and to perform all the functions.

You can also understand its meaning as the metabolic rate or the number of calories you burn.

The higher the metabolism is, the higher the rate of calories burning. The more your calories burned, the more you lose weight. Having high metabolism means you can get more energy and help you to feel much better.

Some people are blessed with a high metabolism rate. Men usually have high metabolism as compared to women. They tend to burn more calories than women. Even though if they are resting their metabolism burns the calories in that condition too.

The metabolism rate slows down after a specific age. Most people above the age of 40 have a slow rate of metabolism.

Boost Your Metabolism
Boost Your Metabolism

What to do now to boost your metabolism? We can’t change our gender nor able stop the age factor. We have to grown-up. But there are many ways to boost your metabolism.

Easiest Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

Let’s discuss some 10 easiest ways that will help you to boost your metabolism.

1. Increase the Amount of Protein:

The more you eat food, the more you will boost your metabolism. But, it will boost your metabolism just for a few hours. This is known as the thermic effect of food (TEF). İt occurs because of extra calories that are required to digest the food, absorb, and process the nutrients in your food.

İntake of protein can cause the highest increase in the thermic effect of food. İt increases the metabolic rate by almost 15-30% while carbs increase the metabolic rate by almost 5-10% only and 0-3% for fats.

Protein helps you to feel full and that’s how you will not overeat.

2. Drink Plenty of Water

Drinking plenty of water is best. When you drink water, cravings for sugary drink becomes less. Sugary drinks cause weight gain. By drinking, water in replacement of sugary drinks help to lose weight fastly.

Sugary drinks are full of calories and water is calory free. Moreover, it also speeds up your metabolism.

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İf you want to lose weight, drink 2-3 liters of water. Drinking cold water even helps out more. Coldwater uses energy to heat it up to body temperature.

Water also fills us and if we will drink a glass of water before half an hour, we will eat less. Drinking water before meals helps to lose weight more.

3. High İntensity Workout

When you move, do high-intensity workouts, quick and hard bursts of activities you may feel more active. When you feel active, you may burn more fat and calories because your metabolic rate increase.

A high-intensity workout works better than other kinds of activities. 12 weeks of high-intensity workout helps to reduce 2 kg fat.

4. Lifting Heavy Weight

Muscles are more active than fat and if you build the muscle you may able to increase the metabolism.

İt means building muscles can help to burn more calories and to lose more weight.

5. Avoid sitting and lying down

Sitting and standing more can be harmful. İt is not good for your health.

Moreover, it sticks more fat to your body resulting in weight gain. Standing position can help to burn 174 calories extra than the normal calories burning rate.

İf you are sitting job, try to have a short period of 15 minutes to stop the length of sitting duration.

6. Green Tea or Oolong Tea

Green tea and oolong tea are usually able to boost your metabolism. İt helps to convert fat into fatty acids that increase the fat burnings process and also aid in burning the calories. Hence you may be able to lose some weight easily. Some studies say that drinking green tea can’t help to boost the metabolism and increase the weight loss rate.
İt is a calorie-free drink and its metabolism-boosting properties decrease the weight.

7. Spicy Foods

Spicy foods can help to boost your metabolism. Peppers contain capsaicin which is a substance that boosts metabolism. Many people are not able to survive these spices.
You are able to burn 10 extra calories per meal.

8. Atleast 8 Hours Sleep

8 hours of sleep is the most important thing that boosts the metabolism. Getting enough time to sleep is necessary. Lack of sleep can cause obesity. Obesity occurs because of weight gain.

Lack of also increases the blood sugar level and insulin resistance. These both can cause diabetes 2.

9. Caffeine

Caffeine helps to lose weight fast. Caffeine boosts the metabolism and enhances the fat-burning process. İt makes the fat loss journey successful.

10. Food in Coconut Oil/Olive Oil

Replacing the oil with coconut oil and olive oil also boosts up the metabolism. Boosting metabolism means boosting up the weight loss speed.


Boosting metabolism means fighting more strongly with all the diseases, having more energy, and an easy weight loss journey.

There are many ways you should adopt in your life to boost your metabolism.

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