Eat During a Workout

The Best Types of Fuel to Eat During a Workout

When you are trying to decide what to eat before a workout, there are many factors that come into play. What type of food do you have available? Will the food give you enough energy for your workout? Is the food healthy? And more importantly, will it be satisfying and not leave you hungry an hour later which can lead to cravings and overeating after your workout is done.

No matter where you are around the world, a gym in Melbourne, Dubai or Singapore, this article offers explanations on some of the best types of fuel to eat during a workout so that when it comes time for lunch or dinner, you will know exactly what foods provide just enough protein without weighing down your stomach!

Breakfast: Eggs are a perfect choice. They provide protein and energy! If you have eggs, hard boiled or scrambled is the best option as this will keep you full for longer than an omelette.

Mid-Morning Snack: For a mid-morning snack, it’s important to find something that provides both carbs and protein such as peanut butter on whole wheat toast with banana slices or even half of a turkey sandwich which can be made healthy by using low fat mayo instead of regular mayonnaise.

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Lunch: lunch should include either more high quality carbohydrates like brown rice pasta dishes or foods rich in complex carbs such as sweet potatoes topped with grilled vegetables (instead of white potatoes). A common mistake many gym goers make is to not eat enough carbs at lunch time. Carbs are a gym goer’s best friend because they will keep you from getting hungry again too soon and instead, give you energy for your workout!

Mid Afternoon Snack: You may be tempted to reach for unhealthy foods when hunger strikes but it’s important that gym goers find healthy snacks like apples with almond butter or other fruit options as well as nuts which provide both protein and good fats that boost endurance. Protein bars can also be helpful if there isn’t anything else available in the area near the gym (keep in mind these should only really be used on days where no other meal times have been planned).

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Dinner: In general, gym goers should avoid meat and instead look for healthy proteins such as eggs, tofu, beans or a vegetarian meal. Most gym goers find that they do best on days with more protein in their diet which can be difficult to get through the day while still avoiding unhealthy fats from meats.

Some additional tips:

  1. For proper digestion before your workout it’s important to have some sort of fiber like whole wheat bread or oatmeal with breakfast. Fiber will help keep you full and prevent any hunger pangs during the workout
  2. It’s recommended not to work out for at least three hours after eating lunch so make sure there is enough time between lunch and when you plan on working out again! This will give your body enough time to digest your food and will keep you energized for the gym.

Carbs are not only important before a workout but also after as they will help replenish glycogen stores in muscles that may have been depleted during exercise.

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