Home remedies for Constipation

Home remedies for Constipation Relief

Constipation is indeed difficulty in passing the hard stool. Don’t be worry, lots of home remedies for constipation cure are here besides medication. If it is mild, it can go away without any treatment, if it severe or chronic, it can cause many serious complications like hemorrhoids or piles.

Constipation is basically characterized by less than three bowel movements per week.

How Constipation Occurs?

Why does it happen? When a meal is taken, it digests and all the beneficial nutrients are absorbed through the blood in all the tissues. Waste products in the food which are useless or harmful for the body, are destroyed and sent to the rectum to pass out. During the food absorption process, water is also absorbed into the body according to body needs. But in case of any intestinal disease, poor water intake, or any drug, more water is absorbed into the blood to compensate for the water deficiency.

Thus, body wastes or stool become extra hard or solid and difficult to pass out. Hence, you are known to be constipated. When you apply pressure manually to pass out the stool, it touches the rectal mucous or wall and you feel pain. If it is more severe or chronic constipation, the mucosal wall injured by hard stool and bleeding occurs with the stool. This condition is referred to as Hemorrhoids or Piles.

Causes of Constipation

  1. Constipation is actually a result of poor lifestyle choices, medication, or disease.
  2. In many people, the exact cause of chronic constipation is often unknown. This is commonly known as chronic idiopathic constipation.

Common causes of mild or moderate constipation are:

  1. Less intake of water
  2. Physical inactivity
  3. Prolonged sitting hours
  4. Less walk or exercise daily
  5. Less intake of fibers or green vegetables in the diet
  6. More eating meat or cheese products
  7. Intestinal inflammatory disease
  8. Any bowel disease

Constipation Symptoms

Constipation can involve other annoying symptoms, such as:

  • Bloating or gas,
  • Discomfort when going to the bathroom
  • Pain due to stools¬† hardness and dry
  • Difficult to pass the stools
  • Due to the retention of wastes products in the body, skin problems can be aroused. Constipated patients have characteristically Constipated look or Sick look.
  • Social activities impairment

Home Remedies for Constipation

There are lots of medicines available to cure constipation, meanwhile, many natural home ways are also here to help relieve the constipation

You can easily use these home remedies in the comfort of your own home without having any side effects. These methods are cheap, harmless, easy to use and most of them are even supported by medical science. Here are important, commonly used home remedies for constipation,

1- Drink Plenty of Water

Dehydration or less water intake can make you constipated, so make sure to drink plenty of water. When you are constipated, you try to find relief by drink some sort of carbonated water to help you rehydrate things start moving again. But be sure that you don’t start drinking sugary soda like carbonated drinks because it can be a bad choice for your body health and worsened your constipation.

Therefore, drink lots of water and stay hydrated because regular dehydration can cause constipation.

2- Exercise Daily

Exercise effects on bowel movements are mixed according to the studies. Some studies show that daily exercise can significantly reduce symptoms.

Many studies have found that exercise does not efficiently affect the number of times people go to the bathroom, however, it seems to reduce some symptoms of constipation.

3- Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are present almost at every home, it is an important part of every dish. Potatoes actually contain a sufficient amount of fiber which helps to alleviate constipation and its symptoms. These are easily available at all homes, harmless to use, and easy to do.

Sweet potatoes have mostly insoluble fiber in the form of cellulose. They also contain soluble fiber in the form of pectin. Both are beneficial for constipation. Insoluble fibers can aid the bowel movements by lubricating and adding the bulk and weight to stools.

One might be confused, how potatoes can be used? No specific way to use the sweet potato can be roasted, boiled, steamed, or mashed. It can be used in any recipe or you can also drink its juice along with the lemon.

4- Lemon Essential Oil

An accepted and traditionally used home remedies for constipation. Lemon essential oil is considered one of the best, one, and only the best product for reducing constipation. It has thousands of components that improve your digestive function, it’s motility, absorption, and also soothe any inflammation in the body.

5- Eat more fibers

Adding more fiber both soluble, insoluble and especially soluble fiber to the diet helps in adding bulk to the stool and cause their easy motility Eat more vegetables, beans lentils, seeds whole grains and less meat

6- Exclude FODMAP

FODMAP denotes formaldehyde, oligosaccharide, monosaccharides and polyols. Excluding diet containing the above-mentioned contents can help in relieving constipation and is particularly important in IBS predominant constipation

7- Reduce Dairy

Dairy products shall be lessened

8- Caffeine intake

With caffeine urge to go to the bathroom increased and have known to be effective in constipation.

Here are the Best Home Remedies for Constipation Relief:

  3. Potatoes
  5. Eat more fibers
  6. Exclude FODMAP
  7. Reduce Dairy
  8. Caffeine intake
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