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Signs You Need Help With Your Addiction

Are you struggling? Are you missing work because you’re hung over? Are you having trouble socializing? Have you lost your job because of your addiction? Then you may have an addiction problem and need help. Here are signs that may indicate that YOU are addicted.

Why Do You Need to Speak With Someone Regarding Your Addiction?

If you are struggling with an addiction, you may wonder why you should discuss it with someone else. You might assume that others will judge you or that they won’t understand your struggle, but this is not true. People who have struggled with addictions often benefit from the support of loved ones and friends who have also been through similar experiences. 

Addiction centers are also open to accepting people from all walks of life – whether it is addiction treatment for police or even a movie star. If you are recovering from Meth addiction, a good place to start is in a Meth detox at recovery center where you’ll get personalized treatment based on your needs.

By reaching out for help, you show that you are willing to do whatever it takes to overcome your addiction and live a happy life. Your family and friends will want to help you in any way they can because they care about your well-being. 

On this note, you will also need the support of financial backup. Having access to Aetna insurance rehab coverage can mean the difference between getting the help you need or having to come up with the money yourself. This kind of coverage makes it possible for you to access quality care without having the financial burden of coming up with all expenses out of pocket.

Many insurance providers don’t cover this type of comprehensive coverage, but Aetna is in a league of its own when it comes to making sure that its members have the proper protection. This means that anyone with an Aetna policy can rest easy knowing they have access to treatment no matter what their financial situation looks like.

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Signs Your Addiction Is Getting Worse

If you’re struggling with addiction, it’s important to know when things are worsening. By keeping track of these signs, you can make sure that you don’t get into a situation where your addiction has the potential to become unmanageable.

Work or School Performance Is Dropping

When you’re addicted to something, it affects your ability to focus and perform at a high level. It’s not that you don’t know how to perform. Addiction negatively affects your reasoning skills and hence the drop in performance.

Your Health Is Deteriorating

You know you need help with your addiction when your health is deteriorating. If you’re unsure, ask yourself if your addiction is affecting the quality of your life. Are you sleeping poorly? Are you feeling depressed? Are you gaining weight, or have you stopped exercising?

If so, then it’s time to seek professional help. You may be able to recover on your own, but it’s more likely you’ll get better if you work with a professional who has experience treating addiction.

You Have Financial Problems

It’s a fact of life for many addicts. A study found that over two-thirds of people in treatment for addiction had experienced financial difficulties. It’s also common among people trying to stop drinking or using drugs because they lose their ability to pay rent, buy groceries and get by while they recover.

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You Cannot Control Your Substance Use

When you cannot stop using, even though you know it is a problem, and even though it causes problems in your life, that’s when you need to reach out for help.

You Begin Using Even When You’re Alone

Addiction usually begins with someone forcing you at a party or a gathering to “try something different.” It starts becoming a problem when you feel the urge to use it with no one around. It may be difficult to admit that you have an addiction problem, but the truth is it’s not a sign of weakness – it’s a sign of strength. If you’ve begun using even when no one else is around and continue to use even when everyone in your life knows about it, it’s time to get help.

HP Thoughts: All is not lost if you find yourself addicted or diseased and need help at once! If you’re in Canada and your position is dire, then professional help could be just around the corner — Where To Find Walk-In STD Clinics In Alberta.


If you’re concerned about your or a loved one’s drug use and need help, there are places you can go to seek help. Whether it’s online support, in-person addiction treatment programs, or counseling, help is available. Don’t wait until it’s too late – reach out now and get the help you need.

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