Trigoxin: The Real-Life Parallels Behind ‘Run’s Paralysis Pill

If you’re a fan of Hulu’s original film “Run”, you’re likely intrigued by its chilling plot twist involving a medication named Trigoxin. Let’s deep dive into this: What is Trigoxin, and does it mirror any real-life drugs?

“Run” stars Sarah Paulson as Diane, a mother caring for her daughter Chloe, who supposedly suffers from multiple illnesses and relies on a daily regimen of pills.

The twist? Chloe isn’t actually ill.

The central mystery revolves around a green pill, initially claimed to be Trigoxin, a heart medication.

This turns out to be a deception, as Chloe discovers the pill is a muscle relaxant for dogs, potentially causing human paralysis.

The Truth Behind Trigoxin

While Trigoxin in “Run” is fictional, it echoes a real drug: Digoxin. Used to strengthen heart performance and regulate heartbeat rhythm, Digoxin improves blood circulation, akin to Trigoxin’s portrayed effects.

However, the green pill’s real-world counterpart is less straightforward.

The Green Pill’s Real-World Inspiration

Lidocaine likely inspired the green pill. It’s a local anesthetic used in both humans and animals for conditions like sunburns, bites, or cuts.

Although it can induce numbness, Lidocaine’s typical forms are jellies, ointments, sprays, or injections, not pills. This suggests the filmmakers took some creative liberties.


While “Run” uses fictional drugs for its narrative, the similarities to Digoxin and Lidocaine are unmistakable.

It’s a clever blend of fiction and medical reality that adds a layer of authenticity to the movie’s suspenseful storyline.

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