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7 Things to Know Before Consuming Any Herbal Supplement

Life in the middle of a deadly pandemic is tough. The change in our usual lifestyle has an impact on our health. Working from home setup and continuous lockdowns have affected the physical and mental health of the people. People are suffering from anxiety, insomnia, stress, and uncertainty. For a solution, they consume pills that have adverse side effects on the body. Experts suggest the consumption of herbal products. 

Organic products are reasons for debate nowadays. Few researchers claim that herbal products are the new normal. They are toxin-free and organic. A significant increase in the market demand of kratom shows its acceptance in the global market. One of its popular strains is red borneo

Studies claim that 47 percent of the total population is consuming herbal products. But a few things need to be kept in mind before using herbal products. The extracts from the plant sources come in handy if clinically tested in labs. There are pieces of evidence that few herbs are even life-taking. Consumption of herbal extracts without advice may lead to danger.

The overconfidence of people has led them to decide their own choice. With the help of the internet, they are choosing their products. They are not even consulting the experts before intaking them. Studies show this can lead to viral diseases as well. Experts suggest though organic products have no side effects, they can lead to nausea due to overdosage. 

People should choose their products as per their body type and metabolism. Kratom products come in handy in such cases.

Benefits Of Herbal Medicine

Organic extracts used in organic medicine are safe to use. Cannabis plant extracts are excellent in improving anxiety and stress. They improve cortisol levels in the body and maintain a balance in sleep cycles. Hemp juice is an analgesic as they cure arthritic pains. 

Marijuana plants relax the nerves. Some popular herbs used by Indians include turmeric, aloe vera, fenugreek, bitter melon, milk thistle, etc. 

herbal supplements - featured image

  • Turmeric is a source of vitamin c in the body. 
  • Aloe vera is an anti-allergic. 
  • Fenugreek controls insulin production. 
  • Bitter melon slows down the absorption of unhealthy fats.
  • Milk thistle maintains cholesterol levels in the body. 

But if consumed in a high dose, they can lead to disorders. Excess consumption can cause side effects like frequent allergies, diarrhea, nausea, and irritability.

Herbal medicines work gradually.

In comparison to allopathic medicine, organic drugs work slowly.   

It is because the extracts take time to mix with the blood. They function depending on the body type. The effect of medicines on a diabetic patient may differ from that of a non-diabetic patient. 

A study shows that herbal medicines work 23.30% faster in youth than elders. They are often not recommended to cure severe diseases like kidney malfunctioning. Such an emergency requires immediate effect.

Prior knowledge about herbs is necessary.

Herbal medicine is a vast area to research. Studies claim 93 percent of organic plants on the earth are not known yet. The products extracted from marihuana like kratom significantly contribute to life and lifestyle. Cannabis extracts treat nerve disorders. 

They are herbal extracts and are rich in antioxidants. It comes in handy as an analgesic. People are confused about the legal validity. They are only safe to consume if THC content is less than 0.3%. But research claims too much consumption can lead to side effects.

Herbal medicine cures bacterial disease. 

Organic extracts like cannabis are anti-bacterial by nature. They fight viral infections and improve immunity power. The anti-inflammatory properties present in them prevent bloating. By improving hormonal levels, they guard the body against viral entries.

Kratom – the mother of all herbs.

Hemp extracts in Kratom trigger adenosine production. They relax the nerves and reduce panic attacks. They are an analgesic and relieve osteoarthritic pains. The inhalation of vape pens treats nasal congestion. They improve bowel malfunctioning.

Cannabidiol produces dopamine hormone that provides a state of relaxation. Studies claim that kratom is effective in destroying cancer cells as well. From skin irritation to nervous disorders. Kratom comes in handy as a solution to every problem. 


Cannabis products are ideal as anticoagulants. They improve the flow of blood. Production of essential proteins for more energy and generation of blood cells are some other important functions.

But some people say that cannabis is intoxicant in nature. Scientists who have no such evidence can prove this claim. Doctors suggest the consumption of Kratom products as advised. Overdosage may make it a sedative. People use vape pens to get rid of tobacco. 

Herbal medicine is cheap. 

Herbal medicines come from nature, and they are cheap. Low prices are the reason for their high demands in the market. The global market for this is growing. People export to various parts of the world. They are available in many forms. Thus they come in handy. Firms add kratom to gummies, fruit juice, e-cigars, vape pens, and brownies.

Herbal medicines are available worldwide.

Organic products are now available on both online and offline platforms. You do not require any prescriptions to buy. People can have them at your doorsteps in just one click.

The medical industry uses herbs apart from cannabis, turmeric, tulsi, neem, milk thistle for medicines. They do not have any restrictions. Researchers claim that sales are going up with a significant increase in sales throughout the globe. 

Herbal products are available in tasty food products. 

People are concerned with the tastes and health benefits of a particular product. It becomes necessary for the producers to produce products in tasty edibles. The brownies, gummies, juices made of cannabis extracts are healthy and delicious. They are filling and healthy at the same time. E-cigars are used by youth because they promote a sense of relaxation from a stress-free life.

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Organic products like kratom, hemp juice, turmeric, and amla. have a lot of properties. Researchers are conducting studies to highlight their benefits on a global platform. They are a good substitute for chemical drugs. Chemical drugs often cause adverse side effects. It is not the case with herbal medicine.

A changed lifestyle requires a change in the mood of medication. The ancient practice of treating herbs is again coming back to the picture. Ayurveda provides us with a lot more information about herbal usage. People should use herbs consciously. No research can claim that one herb is sage and the other is unsafe. The study is at the initial stage. Researchers are paying much attention to finding out the faults. A shift from chemical to organic is the concern of science nowadays.

We need to adapt to eco-friendly goods to make a better life with the help of nature. It will help future generations and also the environment around us. Kratom and other recreational products are becoming more famous among young adults globally.

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