Bloodshot eyes

bloodshot Eyes: 4 Causes, Signs, Diagnosis and Treatment


Bloodshot eyes are the condition that occurs when the vessels become irritated and swell as a result. The test occurs as there is not a sufficient amount of oxygen which is being carried to the cornea which just one of the tissue which covers the eyeball.

It is also called as redness of the eye and it occurs due to the presence of some serious health issues going on inside the body. Some of the conditions are not very dangerous but some require medical help as soon as possible.

The deadly problem occurring due to red eyes is blurring of vision, abnormal discharge eye pain and it is the point where you need to see your health care provider.

Causes of Bloodshot Eye

There are a couple of causes for inflammation of the cornea which is given down below

Eye Infections:

Bloodshot eyes

Eye infections are one serious cause of red eyes. It will cause pain to the eye, visual disturbances, and some pain in the eyeball. There may be the infection and inflammation of the eyelash follicles which is known as blepharitis in Medical terms. The cornea may get ulcerated which is called corneal ulcer the uvea may get inflamed and is called uveitis the layer of the membrane which covers the eye gets inflamed which is called conjunctivitis.

Dry Eyes:

Usually, when the eyes are dry the blood vessels become inflamed and swollen. Most of the causes for dry eyes are diabetes and joint condition like rheumatoid arthritis the decreased quantity and quality of tears use of contact lens for a longer period of time inadequate sleep dry and humid weather


  • Dust
  • allergic reactions
  • cold exposure
  • exposure to the sun directly
  • viral infections like measles
  • bacterial infections
  • Coughing
  • Rubbing the eyes excessively
  • swimming in chlorine added water
  • any object went inside the eye like sand or eyelash


There are a variety of other causes of Red Eye which include

  • Trauma
  • increase in intraocular pressure called glaucoma
  • corneal scratches
  • scleritis
  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • bleeding disorders

Signs and Symptoms

Signs and symptoms of bloodshot eyes depend upon the underlying condition causing it. Usually, the eye becomes red. It may cause:

  • blurring of vision
  • itching of eyes
  • deep intraocular pain may occur
  • eye discharge
  • watery discharge from the eye
  • swelling of eye eyelids

How to Diagnosis?

When you go to your doctor ask you some simple questions regarding the disease condition which includes:

  • The onset of pain.
  • The cause of irritation.
  • History of exposure to the allergen.
  • Any condition related to joints like rheumatoid arthritis.

This will perform your general physical examination to assess your well-being and then he will perform some various tests which are nonspecific as there is not a single specific test assigned for bloodshot eyes.

Then, depending upon the cause of your eye disease, he may prescribe you the treatment and some preventive measures and you need to follow them to get rid of your eye condition.

Treatment of Bloodshot Eyes

Usually, the treatment of bloodshot eyes is some eye drops which your doctor will prescribe but unless the underlying condition is not treated, the redness will not go away.
The mild kind of redness be treated with the eye drops but usually, you need some perception remedies to treat your Red Eye condition.


It is kind of decongestant which treats the eye due to allergic condition and other minor irritation causing agents.

Eye lubricant drops:

usually, the eye lubricant drops have a tendency to act like real tears. they may render the eyes safe and treat your eye condition


This drug also acts as a decongestant and treats the condition. Maintaining eye hygiene
You should maintain your eye hygiene and try to wash your hands frequently. Do not touch your eyes more often. You should not wear any kind of makeup or contact lens during this period of an eye condition.

Hot compressions:

If the redness in the eyes is accompanied by bye eye pain, hot compressions will give you a soothing effect and will lessen the intraocular pain. This is one of the best remedies which can be tried at home and it treats the red-eye which causes pain.

Patch application:

If your eye condition is really bad, the doctor may I ask you to wear an eye patch and it will decrease the intensity of light falling on your eyes and will lead to healing of your eye condition subsequently.

Depending upon your medical condition and underlying cause the doctor will prescribe you the same treatment which will help you to lessen your symptoms. If the cause is some bacterial infection, he will prescribe you, antibacterial agents, as well.

Complications of Bloodshot Eyes

Red bloodshot eyes is not one of the serious condition which causes excessive complications but if you are having infection which causes excessive drainage you should seek medical help.

Variety of complications can occur due to bloodshot eyes which include:

  • vision changes
  • blepharitis
  • blurring of vision
  • corneal ulceration
  • permanent damage to vision
  • deep Eye Pain

How to Prevent Bloodshot Eyes?

Wash your hands repeatedly. if you are exposed to someone who has a bacterial infection of the eye, do not try to shake hands with that person do not wear contact lens most of the time try to clean your contact lens regularly while you sleep, do try to remove all the makeup from your eyes every day avoid activity that causes excess straining on eyes
different substances which irritate your eyes and they should be prevented
flush your eyes with plenty of water if they become contaminated with irritants
maintain proper hygiene of the eye.


Most of the times your eye condition do not warrant an emergency medical help but if your bloodshot eye occurs more than one week you feel changes in your vision severe pain in eyes, hypersensitivity to light, discharge from one or both of the eyes, blood thinning, medications like warfarin or heparin.

You should seek medical help as early as possible. Your doctor will examine your eyes in detail and will tell you about the causes of your eye condition and will prescribe you some definite treatment so that you may get rid of that eye condition of yours.

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