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Home Health Care Services, Benefits and Costs

Home Health Care is a broad term which exactly means medical care provided at the patient’s home with professional nurses, professional physiotherapist, professional psychiatrist as well trained attendants. Home Health Care services are the unique setting because it not only provides medical care at the patient’s home but also more convenient, less expensive and effective same like the care provided in hospitals or clinics. This health care services may also involve the non-skilled or non-trained medical care such as medical social services or assistance as a health aide, under the supervision of a physician.

The medical care environment at home differs from the hospitals or other institutional environments where a whole team is working. In the hospital, nurses, physicians, surgeons, and pharmacist perfectly play their role in ensuring the patient takes medication of proper dose, at the proper time and at proper intervals. At home, the patient may deliberately choose to take his medication at his own time, despite the given advice. In other words, many times clinician’s efforts may not result in desired outcomes at the home health care unit.

Therefore, an intervention is needed on promoting patient safety at their homes and the medical care quality in relation to these problems which are frequently faced in the home health care settings. However, the following six areas should be selected for the analysis and the review:

  1. Quality of life and health care outcomes
  2. Medicine management
  3. Nurse, physician work environment
  4. Wound management
  5. Fall prevention
  6. Ulcer management

Goals Of Health Care Home

Why medical services are provided at home, rather than the hospital? This is a frequently asked a question. However, there are some goals of providing health care services at a patient’s home. They include

It seems to help the individuals to improve the functions with better independence.

  • Non-cooperative patients feel more comfortable in their living place and also respond well.
  • It promotes the patient’s optimal level of the well-being
  • It helps to avoid the admissions and re-admissions at the hospitals for the long term.
  • Good achievement for psychics or handicapped patients.
  • Older people get more benefits of these services at their own homes.
  • The home medical environment differs from the environment of the hospitals, where lots of serious patients come and go.
  • A distinctive feature of home health care is that the physicians provide special care to each patient in a unique unit.

Medical Services Provided At Home

Be sure, home health care must be provided on a noncontinuous and intermittent basis. The most common diseases that are diagnosed among health care patients include respiratory diseases, circulatory disease, trauma, heart disease, any poisoning, musculoskeletal diseases or handicapped. Health Care is broad care which includes speech therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, medical social therapy as well as cognitive therapy.

Health Care Services Examples & Type Of Assistance

  • Monitoring of your temperature, blood pressure, blood sugar, respiratory rate, urine output.
  • Safe, healthy, pleasant and comfortable environment maintenance for the patients
  • Psychiatrist care
  • Nutrition management
  • Counseling of patients and his family
  • Education about the disease and its management
  • Speech therapy
  • Occupation therapy
  • Continuous observation and assessment
  • Provide healthy social interaction
  • A good doctor-patient relationship is developed
  • Wound management
  • Infection prevention
  • Personal hygiene education
  • Maintain the self-confidence and self-esteem of the patients
  • Medical social care management
  • Pain management
  • Health Care may also involve helping older people engaging with the activities of daily life, such as eating, bathing, cooking, and dressing.

Paying For Home Health Care

The cost of home medical care services may differ across and within the states. Moreover, cost fluctuation also based on the type of medical care professional required. Charges for the home health care services can be paid either directly by patients and their families or through private and public sources. But don’t be worry, health care at home is less expensive than hospital care.

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