Rhinoplasty before and after

Rhinoplasty Before and After Consequences

Rhinoplasty is a type of plastic surgery which usually done to change the shape and size of the nose, also restore the nasal functions. It is a short procedure that does not need any night stay. Rhinoplasty before and after the change is so more obvious to see. Unhappy people have got a good option in the form of this facial cosmetic surgery by which they can change their facial look and appearance. This rhinoplasty has become a trend nowadays, almost all actors and actress get this rhinoplasty to have a more appealing look. Besides cosmetic reasons, lots of other cases are there too!

Many people have breathing problems due to congenital defects, infections, recurrent sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, rhinitis, common cold or viral infections. These breathing difficulties are corrected by rhinoplasty surgery. Some people have birth defects in their nose like narrow nostrils, the angle between nose and mouth is changed, wide nostrils, humping of nose, depressed nose, or deviated nasal septum (DNS).

These nasal birth defects are corrected by rhinoplasty after the age of 15 years. Meanwhile, some people have lost their self-confidence due to not having the desired shape of the nose. Though, breathing functions are normal. For such people, rhinoplasty is a good option to have a more catchy look and regain their self-confidence as well. Thus, lots of reasons are there to have this facial cosmetic surgery

Age Limitation For This Rhinoplasty

People after the age of 15 years are eligible for this surgery. Teens before the age of 15 years don’t fit into the Rhinoplasty’s criteria. If, in emergency situations, a nose job is necessary then septorhinoplasty. Septoplasty is a good alternative of the rhinoplasty because later type only done for the construction of deviated nasal septum.

Rhinoplasty Surgery

Rhinoplastic Surgery is a short process that hardly takes one hour and the patient is discharged then. Before the surgery, general or local anesthesia is given, later kind of anesthesia is mostly preferred. In non-cooperative patients, general anesthesia is given to keep the patient calm and peaceful.

After the anesthesia, the skin is incised through the nostrils and defective nasal parts are exposed. Extra tissues are cut off, empty space is filled up, and deviated parts are repositioned. Breathing functions are restored.

After the correction, the skin is meet up together with the sutures and dressed it. The patient is advised to use pyodine three times a day, don’t bed the nose for the first three days and raised your head while you sleep.

Rhinoplasty Before And After

Here is a discussion on some cases which have done rhinoplastic Surgery and their pictures of rhinoplasty before and after are also given below. How perfectly they have symmetrical or perfect nose after the nose job.


Rhinoplasty before and after
Image Source

Before rhinoplasty, this man has a devastating look of the nose due to trauma. This picture clearly showing that his nasal bridge has destroyed badly and nose has asymmetrical shape due to curvature. Therefore, the surgeon recommended him to come for rhinoplasty surgery. Picture after rhinoplasty has shown too, in which the same man has a symmetrical and well-defined nose, no deviation of nasal septum and perfect appealing appearance too. The overall facial look has changed just by a nose job. It is a little costly but is effective more.


Rhinoplasty before and after
Image Source

This lady which has done with the procedure, her rhinoplasty before and after pictures are shown. Though, she doesn’t have breathing problems, not birth defects. But this lady decided to go for a nose job because she commented that she’s unhappy because of unwanted attention of people to her nose, therefore, wanna get symmetrical, smoothed and well-defined nose.

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