What causes you to undergo spinal disc surgery!

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Overview Spinal Disc

We all wish to maintain a healthy and prosperous lifestyle. To keep our body fit, we try to incorporate different workout routines and try to opt for healthy food habits. However, we are surrounded by myriad daily routine activities, among which we forget to provide ourselves the time our body genuinely deserves. This lack of focus leads to many health-related problems that significantly affect our wellbeing.

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The absence of healthy activities and diet degrades our mental working capabilities and also affects our inner structure in the longer run. In these situations, a slight ailment might lead to various problems that can be life-threatening. Those are the moments that are daunting enough to pass, and every second passes like a minute and every minute like an hour. Amongst all the health issues that we can relate here, the most common concern is related to back pain that has been reported by a majority of people.

Why back pain is more common among people

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There could be, however, many different perspectives associated with this kind of discomfort. But, lifting any sort of weight in the wrong position is potentially the most common reason that leads to severe outcomes. This may also include lifting of office bag, shifting of luggage, or changing a car tire. The human body consists of complex bone structures that allow us to perform vital functions, and the spinal cord is indeed the crucial part of our body that needs a bit of extra care.

The spinal cord is a long, tube-like fragile structure that begins at the end of the brain stem and continues down almost to the spine’s bottom. The nerves which exist in the spinal cord carry incoming and outgoing messages among the brain and body. There 33 individual vertebrae bones which interlock each other and form spinal. There are protective circular pads between each vertebra, consisting of tissues called discs that cushion the vertebrae during activities like running, exercising, and walking. Due to a lack of proper nutrition and extra care, these supportive ailments degrades with time. In such circumstances, even lifting one kilogram in the wrong way may lead to severe back pain, herniation of disc numbness, and many more.

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There could be other factors that can result in such a daunting situation. Degeneration, aging, and overweight are some of the other ailments that might leave you with this discomfort—spinal disc surgery then being the only option left to get rid of it.  The surgery would not be recommended until trying of the other options, including;

  • Bad rest for a long period
  • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories
  • Using Pain relievers
  • Opting for Physical therapies
  • Exercising regularly
  • Using Steroid injections under prescribed limits

In case these methods fail to provide permanent relief, there are several options for the surgery. But there is no guarantee that after surgery, the pain will be removed. To have a clear vision, let us dive deeper into the discussion and have a thorough into the topic.

Reasons associated with spinal injuries?

Injuries or excessive strain may cause a herniated disc. The disk can be slipped in any part of the spine from the lower back to the neck, but the common areas where it mainly occurs in the lower back, This is the area that consists a huge network of the nerves and blood vessel that connects another body part to your spinal cord. Even slight pressure can potentially damage the nerve endings if it gets weak, leaving us with tremendous pain. In some situations, spinal disc surgery is the only option we are left with.

Symptoms of a slipped disc

  • Weakness of muscles
  • Aching, tingling, burning
  • Severe pain when walking
  • Pain that worsens while sitting
  • Feeling distressed in arms and legs
  • Numbness and pain in various body parts
  • Severe pain when walking short distances.
  • Pain that worsens at specific movements’ particularly at night time

Simple ways to avoid spinal cord pain

  • Exercise:

There is no second opinion to the fact that there are countless benefits associated. It not only keeps your organs healthy but strengthens your bone structure. Research has shown that only 30 to 45 minutes of the walk can reduce almost 35% of heart diseases. Working out daily also helps bones to remain stronger and active for a longer time. The habit of routine exercise can solve myriad health issues, including spinal back pain. Regular proper exercise makes spinal discs stronger.

  • Proper Diet:

The human body needs endless nutrients daily to stay stronger and healthier in life, which can easily be obtained from the intake of fruits, vegetables, calcium-rich foods, and meat that provides nutrients as per the body’s need.

  • Sleep sideways:

It is scientifically proven that your sleeping posture plays a vital role in keeping your backbone healthy and fit. Avoid sleeping flat on your back; it might not affect you now, but this sleeping habit can lead to severe back pain issues in the longer run. The best position for sleeping is on either side. Also,  a supportive pillow or specially designed mattress can be used if needed. The head position is also essential. Therefore, always use a comfortable pillow to rest your head in a convenient position.

  • Maintain a proper body posture:

There are daily routine activities that seem normal to us but are affecting our bodies internally. A great example to elaborate that is the casual sitting position in which we work for hours on our office chairs. We prefer sitting in a position that seems okay to us, but we don’t realize the damage that particular posture is doing to our backs. This kind of damage might not affect you at an early age. But, once you in your forties, this will eventually give birth to back problems.

Treatment of slipped discs

The herniated discs may be examined through proper physical examination. The checking process involves strength and functions of the nerves, muscles, and moving and touching affected areas. Apart from this, imaging tests like X-ray, MRI Scan, CT scan, and Discogram help properly diagnose the slipped discs.

Final thought

The treatment of herniated disc varies from person to person; it ranges from conservative to surgical and depends on the level of affected disc and discomfort level. Most doctors prefer to treat patients by applying medication instead of spinal-disc surgery because it is almost impossible to reverse the spinal cord’s damage. Still, researchers are struggling to find an advanced way to treat this back-pan issue, to provide a more accessible and safe alternative.

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