You Don’t Have to be Scared of Spine Surgery Anymore

There are so many people today who suffer from severe back pain but refuse the option of surgery. This decision is primarily due to the negativity and fear surrounding the issue of operation and anesthesia. You may have heard many horror stories from friends and family of people who got fatal outcomes or the surgery never improved their situation. 

However, it would be best if you didn’t base your decision on other people’s stories without a professional opinion. This article shall help you understand why you should not fear going for the spinal surgery that your specialist recommends. 

Spinal Fusion Advancements

Over the past few years, medical advancements have helped specialists develop new techniques to handle spinal problems. One of these is awake spinal fusion, a minimally invasive surgery that substitutes the standard spinal fusion. 

The procedure has benefited numerous people helping them to undergo the spinal repair process smoothly and with exemplary results. Due to the spine’s delicate nature, specialists discovered this technique to make the operation faster and less risky. The following are some perks of this new method.

model of a human spine

Minimally Invasive

While the other regular operations usually make deep cuts to ensure they physically reach the spinal bones, this new technique doesn’t need that. The skin incision required is only one to two inches deep. The surgeon can also choose to make the cut at the lower back or, the lower abdomen, depending on the area they desire to address. 

Faster Healing

Due to the shallow cuts, the healing process becomes less painful and faster. The wound heals within a few days, and the back also gets aligned more quickly. Therefore, the patient can return to normal walking and activities within no time. 

However, you should not engage in heavy lifting or strain your lower back muscles before getting a go-ahead from your physician. 

Targeted Anesthesia

There are many horrifying stories concerning the dangers of anesthesia and its implications after surgery. However, this new procedure helps address that fear by using regional anesthesia, which only numbs the targeted area and not the whole body. 

This significantly reduces the dosage used and helps minimize the risks involved. Since general anesthesia is unnecessary here, the patient can be on their feet as soon as possible. 

model of a human spine

Reduced Opioids Use

Opioids are strong pain relief drugs that doctors prescribe, especially after surgery. Some of them come from poppy plants like Morphine or can get manufactured in a lab. These drugs are highly addictive, and one must strictly follow the prescribed dosage. 

Nevertheless, when it comes to this new technique for lumbar fusion, the minimal incision and long-lasting regional anesthesia make the recovery journey faster. Therefore, the patient will only use the medication for a short time to decrease the likelihood of addiction. 

Spinal surgery should no longer give you a scare. When you are in the hands of a specialist, you will be sure of expert handling for the best results. The physician will also advise you accordingly to help you know what to expect and what the healing process will look like. 

You should also ensure that you visit qualified medical personnel for treatment. Due to the operation’s delicate nature, any small error could have extensive damage. However, with a trusted surgeon, you will achieve strength and total recovery from persistent back pain. 

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As long as you follow the instructions given by your physician and keep a healthy lifestyle, you will give a different testimony from that of the others. You will be evidence of the possibility of fully recovering and returning to your everyday lifestyle. 

Do not let that nagging back pain ruin your fruitful years and cost you bigger problems in the future. Agree to the spinal fusion surgery and let the specialists help you enjoy a fully functioning, strong spine at minimal risk. 

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