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Hair Growth Oil to make your Hair Game Strong

Hair Growth Oil! Do oiling if you want your hair to grow well! I bet you must have heard this thing from your grandma, mother, or any other elder. Well, as elders are right most of the time, what does it shows?

It refers to the importance of oil for the growth of your hair. The relationship between oiling and hair growth is very old. Previously, when there were no fancy products available, people used to maintain their hair health with oils.

Though people have reduced their use to a great extent, they still believe in the benefits of oiling. We can still see numerous brands selling hair oils. They claim them to be the best one and succeed in grabbing the attention of many people.

Which is the best one for hair growth Products? Well, we can’t answer it right away. It is because there are various oils available. Each aids your hair by serving a specific purpose. Now, it depends on your condition that which one will suit your needs.

We understand your confusion. Therefore, here we are going to discuss a few hair growth oils. We would also highlight their way of working or benefits. In this way, you would find it easy to choose the best option for your hair.

Few Wonderful Hair Growth Oils

Here is the list of few oils that you must try if you are struggling with the growth of your hair:

Olive oil

Who hasn’t heard about the benefits of olive oil? Well, it offers immense advantages in terms of hair growth as well. It would not be wrong if we categorize it as the best hair growth oil.

We all know only a healthy scalp is a base for having strong hair. Olive oil performs its job by giving new life to your scalp. It further provides nourishment to the roots of your hair and encourages the growth of hair strands.

hair growth oil

What’s more? This oil is enriched with Vitamin E and offers moisturization. All these attributes make it a good oil option for your hair. Another remarkable thing about this oil is the presence of anti-oxidants in high amounts.

As olive oil is comparatively lighter, it becomes easy for your hair to absorb it and lock moisture inside.  In order to acquire the best results, it is better to slightly warm this oil before using it. After applying it equally all over your hair, you should wrap it for a maximum of half an hour.

Castor Oil

This one is renowned hair growth oil. You must have heard its name while going through hair growth remedies. Well, how this oil promotes hair growth? Read on to get the answer:

The attributes that make this oil the magical one are the presence of vitamin E, minerals, and proteins. Castor oil basically contains enough of these elements. All these elements work in favor of your hair.

hair growth oil
Here is the picture of Castor Oil Seed

Well, these are not its only benefits. This oil also possesses anti-microbial properties. It thus assists in preventing scalp and dandruff problems.

There is an acid present in this oil with the name ricinoleic acid. It aids your scalp to fight against inflammations and other diseases. Along with maintaining the moisture level of your hair, it supports your scalp to stay healthy.

Castor oil besides providing other benefits also enhances the blood circulation. In this way, it makes sure that your scalp doesn’t remain deprived of any crucial nutrients.

As castor oil performs all these important tasks, we can definitely declare it as the best hair growth oil. If you want to gain the maximum benefit with this lubricant, apply it carefully in your scalp and hair. You should use your fingertips in this procedure.

Please don’t forget, this oil is comparatively sticky and thick. It might break your hair if not handled carefully.

Jojoba Oil

This oil is basically a wax that is extracted from the seeds of the jojoba plant. The thing we can consider this oil best for is its ability to provide moisture. It can further provide assistance to fight against dryness and split ends while providing strength to your hair.

This oil is also known to remove build-up from your scalp. Otherwise, it can block hair follicles and reduce hair growth.

hair growth oil

Jojoba oil also contains multiple vitamins and minerals. These are vitamins C, B, E, zinc, and copper. You can apply this oil directly to your hair. However, you can also mix them with other products to enjoy more benefits.

Coconut oil

We all have observed coconut oil dwelling in various remedies when it comes to hair and skincare regimen. Well, why is it so?

It is because of the multiple uses of coconut oil. This oil not only serves as antibacterial but antifungal and antiviral as well. Therefore, it works against scalp build-ups and set it free and clean.

hair growth oil

It also provides nourishment to your hair. Consequently, you can see the shine in your hair along with improvement in growth.

In order to obtain maximum benefit from coconut oil, use it lukewarm. Take this oil and gently massage your scalp. It is better if you use this oil at least once a week.

Argan oil

Argan oil is another big name in the oil world when it comes to hair and skincare. This lubricant is extremely beneficial for your hair growth. Though it was in use at old times, it is becoming popular again.

It is highly advantageous for both your skin and hair. This is the very reason; it is also known as liquid gold. The best thing that we liked the most about this hair growth oil is its ability to bring new life to your hair.

Argan oil
Here is the Argan Oil Botals

Almost all of us have ruined our hair through chemical/heat styling. Luckily, this oil has the potential to prevent such hair from breaking.

Furthermore, it moisturizes as well as hydrate your hair. It can go deep in your hair shafts and can provide nourishment there. That contains plenty of anti-oxidants.

It is also packed with vitamin E and Vitamin F. Both these elements are reasons behind its ability to repair damaged hair.

Peppermint oil

Peppermint oil is also a remarkable hair growth oil. It majorly works by enhancing the blood circulation towards your scalp. In this way, it assists in delivering all-important nutrients to your hair and scalp that it was deprived of

hair growth oil

The increase in blood circulation would eventually lead to a reduction in hair loss. It would also cause good hair growth.

However, because of its high concentration, you can’t use it directly. You would first need to dilute it or mix it with other products.

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Oils are considered as the best therapy to improve your hair growth since ages. Well, this belief is true to a great extent.

These oils can be a source of great help if you want to see your hair growing long and thick. There are vast varieties of hair growth oils. However, which one will suit your hair the best, depends on your hair situation.

As everyone’s hair is different, their requirements for oils are also different. In this write-up, we have highlighted a few top hair growth oils along with their benefits. We hope it would assist you in choosing the best oil option for your hair.

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