Thick eyelashes

Thick eyelashes by 5 home health toners

Thick eyelashes is a dream of every girl, as it frames your eyes beautifully. Eye makeup gets an instant lift by the thick eyelashes. But everybody doesn’t have thick and long eyelashes because there are many factors such as age, drug reaction, or environmental factors which cause the eyelashes to thin and fall out. Everybody wants to restore the eyelashes volume, some by using natural home remedies or some by eyelashes Extensions.

Voluminous and long eyelashes are the rage. There is not a hectic job to get the voluminous eyelashes, you just need to take care of your eyelashes, even if you are born with the thin eyelashes. We don’t think, our eyelashes can be dehydration the same as the skin or hairs. Dehydrated eyelashes become thin and fall out, so they need to hydrate them by applying some oils or other nourishing products.

Home Remedies For Thick eyelashes

Do you want thick eyelashes? Thick eyelashes are associated with feminine beauty. Don’t be worry, there are many easy home remedies are here by which you can easily get long and thick eyelashes without using any mascara or other eyelashes extensions. They include

1- Coconut Oil

home remedies of thick eyelashes

A best-known home health toner to get the thick and long eyelashes within a month. Its results are just amazing. You just apply the pure coconut oil over your eyelashes with the help of a brush or finger and gently massage it. Avoid contact with the eye. Do this two times a day and be patient. After a month, you will notice a visible change in your eyelashes. Coconut oil is a traditionally used hair oil to get long and healthy hairs, why it won’t grow the eyelashes. You can also add a vitamin E capsule in coconut oil to get faster results.

2- Vaseline

Vaseline or petroleum jelly is an accessible product for everybody. The best way to get the thick and long eyelashes in a week is Vaseline or petroleum jelly. It enhances the healing process, stimulates the growth of the follicles and nourishes the follicles. You can make the best eyelashes growing toner by adding Vaseline, coconut oil as well as vitamin C capsule. This is just a miracle to get the results. You don’t need for eyelashes extensions, just apply this mixture two times a day for at least one or two months. You would definitely have stunning thick eyelashes.

3- Castor Oil

Another best oil that is derived from the castor bean seed and it is a potent stimulator of hair follicles growth. It also nourishes the hair follicles. It is very thick or viscous oil, you can mix it with coconut oil to make it diluted. Apply this castor oil over your eyelashes with the brush, your thinner eyelashes begin to grow and thicken. This natural ingredient is also very safe to use and easy to get.

4- Olive Oil

Olive oil is a carrier oil and enriched in oleic acid as well as vitamin E, both required for hair growth. Olive oil is traditionally used as a carrier oil to promote hair growth, it can promote the growth of eyelashes too. This oil should be carefully handled to avoid eye exposure. You just need to use this oil once a day for two weeks, your eyelashes will not only thicken but also grow and regrow.

5- Brushing Eyelashes

The most important method is Brushing the Eyelashes, important in all the above methods too. When you massaging your eyelashes, more nutrients are brought to the hair follicles and blood flow to hair follicles is increased. It prevents the thinning of eyelashes and also prevents the breakage of hair. Therefore, massaging and brushing of eyelashes is very important while you using any above natural oil.

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