Eye Bags Removal

Ins and Outs of Eye Bags Removal in Singapore

If several solutions (surgical or not) exist to overcome bags under the eyes, the laser scalpel technique is the most commonly used by surgeons in France. Zoom on a method which is meeting more and more success.

Why do we have bags under our eyes?

Many people think that bags under the eyes are only due to fluid retention associated with a lack of sleep, poor posture for sleeping or a state of general fatigue. It is not at all the case.

Bags under the eyes have two main causes. First, a congenital or hereditary cause: In fact, the marked look can be a family constant that you can find in many members of your family.

If genetics is not to blame, bags under the eyes are simply the sign of the natural ageing of the look. In this case, it is the fact that usually protects the eye that migrates to lodge under it, creating an unattractive pocket.

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Eye bags removal Singapore: precautions

Like any surgical intervention, laser eye bag removal in Singapore requires taking certain precautions, both before and in the days or weeks following the intervention.

We have discussed with some of the best doctors and clinics in Singapore, like those at Cambridge Therapeutics, to gather the critical information and steps about the eye bag removal procedure in Singapore:

  • The anesthesiologist consultation: to be carried out at least 48 hours before the intervention, it will ensure, thanks to several blood tests, that your state of health is compatible with a laser blepharoplasty.
  • As with any surgical intervention, taking anti-coagulant drugs or aspirin should be avoided in the days before the operation.
  • Oedema may appear after surgery. In this case, applying cold or icy compressions will relieve the eye. Generally, oedema disappears within 72 hours.
  • In the days following the laser blepharoplasty, it is recommended to wear sunglasses. It is also advisable to avoid prolonged exposure or wearing makeup in the days following the intervention.

Eye bags removal in Singapore with laser

The laser scalpel intervention is performed on an outpatient basis, under local anaesthesia and generally lasts less than an hour (30 minutes to 1-hour maximum).

This operation consists of using a CO2 laser to remove the pocket of fat under the eye via the trans-conjunctival route. That is to say via the conjunctiva (the red part which is located inside the eyelid).

This technique of removing bags under the eyes by a laser has many advantages:

  • The incision is extremely fine. Besides, being performed on the inside of the eyelid, no scar is visible. Finally, this incision requires no suturing (therefore no removal of threads after the operation).
  • The use of a CO2 laser allows instant cauterization of the tissues. It helps limit bleeding. Also, the laser removes the water present in the fat cells.
  • This intervention does not generate a phenomenon called “round eye”, this space revealing the white of the eye between the cornea and the lower eyelid. This phenomenon can happen with other types of intervention on the lower eyelid.

What are the results of laser eye bags removal?

The results are immediately visible as the bags under the eyes have disappeared, without any scar being visible.

Besides, an important detail is that the result is very long-lasting, even definitive in some people (depending on the quality of the skin, state of health, etc.).

However, the removal of bags under the eyes with the laser does not stop the natural ageing of the eye and skin. Therefore, it will be necessary to maintain a good quality of the skin.

If necessary, other eye rejuvenation techniques should be used, such as the injection of Botox or hyaluronic acid, for example.

Finally, it is essential to respect the dosage of treatments prescribed by the surgeon, such as eye drops in particular.

Cost laser blepharoplasty in Singapore

A laser blepharoplasty costs between USD 2.500 and 3.500. Being a cosmetic surgery intervention, it is strongly advised not to choose your specialist according to the financial criterion. Indeed, it is essential to ensure the reliability and skills of the surgeon as well as the health conditions offered during the intervention.

The price is an essential element, yes, but should not take precedence over your safety. The best practitioners and some of the best beauty clinics in the world are in Singapore. They offer amazing services, high-quality treatments and excellent pricing.

Lower eyelid surgery: other techniques

There are also other techniques for removing dark circles or bags under the eyes:

The sub-palpebral lifting

Little practised, this technique essentially treats the so-called malar pocket, that is to say, a pocket that was formed following ptosis (sagging) of the orbital muscle.

Linked to ageing, this ptosis is due to the melting of the fat naturally present in the cheekbone. The sub-palpebral lift is a muscle lift, which, thanks to an incision on the ciliary edge, will restore tension in the orbital muscle.

Blepharoplasty pinch

This intervention will consist of pinching the skin of the lower eyelid to remove a few millimetres of excess skin. Leaving no visible scar, this technique does not change the look.


The privileged technique for erasing dark circles, lipo-filling will fill the dark circle by injecting fat. This fat is taken from the patient himself, most often from the abdomen.

Grandmother’s remedies

Even if they are not the most durable, many grandmother remedies work well every day. Whether it is the application of cucumber, potatoes or green tea, these solutions remain auxiliary techniques. Indeed, the bags under the eyes are primarily made up of fat, whereas these solutions will only treat the additional problem of water retention. However, they have the merit of reducing the swelling of the eyelids effectively.

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