Suffering from UTIs

Suffering from UTIs: Useful Home Remedies that Help Treat and Prevent

If you are suffering from UTIs, your first thought might be to call your doctor to ask for an antibiotic. But, there are home remedies that help to reduce the chances of them happening in the first place. You can also turn to these home remedies to treat a UTI.

Before you begin working on treating and preventing UTIs, it is helpful to understand what they are and how they are caused. They are technically an infection that strikes any part of the urinary tract and the urethra, bladder, ureters, and kidneys. Most are caused by fungi, viruses, and bacteria from the bowel.

Women usually suffer from UTIs, but men can get them, too. The symptoms include frequent urination, usually with a burning sensation, dark or cloudy urine with a strong odor, and pelvic pain and difficulty completely emptying the bladder.

Drink a Lot of Water

Stated by Your Herbal Remedies Guide, one of the best ways to treat and to prevent UTIs. When you drink water, you flush out the bacteria that create the infection. Don’t just drink water when you are thirsty. Instead, drink six to eight glasses of water each day. When you notice that you are getting a UTI, begin to drink more than you usually would.

Use a Heating Pad

A UTI can be painful, and a good remedy is a heat. But, don’t apply the heat directly to the skin or at the highest level. Use a heating pad on low to reduce inflammation in the pubic area. Don’t forget to wrap the heating pad in a towel or pillowcase to avoid burning your skin.

Avoid Irritating Foods

There are several foods and beverages that can increase the irritation from a UTI. They include spicy foods, carbonated beverages, caffeine, alcohol, and artificial sweeteners. These foods exacerbate the UTI rather than heal it. Instead, eat foods that are high in fiber like oatmeal to fight the UTI.

Make Changes to Your Daily Habits

Some of the ways we live our lives can increase our chances of developing UTIs. These small changes can reduce the possibility that you get them. People who smoke are more likely to develop UTIs over people who do not. It is also helpful to avoid using personal hygiene products that have fragrances. You can also help yourself by only wearing underwear that is made of cotton and is not too tightly fitting. Finally, be sure to wipe from the front to back to avoid moving bacteria to the urethra.

Add Probiotics and Vitamin C to Your Diet

Probiotics put the right type of bacteria in your body. Vitamin C elevates the acidity of your urine. The two together will help fight UTIs. If you are suffering from UTIs, being sure to take the recommended daily allowance of vitamin C can reduce your chances of developing UTIs. And, when you pair that with probiotics, you can help your body balance out bacteria, so the good bacteria help fight the bad bacteria. Lactobacillus is one of the good bacterias that can be found in supplements as well as yogurt and fermented foods.

HP Thoughts: We often blame UTIs on improper food intake and poor drinking habits — more liquor or soft drinks instead of water. However, there is another reason why people develop UTIs and you can read it here —  What Threatens You If You Always Hold Urinate.

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