Benefits of 2 cloves before bed time

Benefits of 2 cloves before bed time


Cloves are the sweet-smelling flower buds of clove tree. It is also named as Syzygium aromaticum. It is the most commonly known spice in the kitchen that is easily available. It enhances the taste of dishes to the upper level. Since a very long time they are using in ayurvedic medicines as well. Cloves are great source of greasy acids, fibers, vitamins, omega-3 and minerals, as well it upgrades our body’s safe framework (immune system). let’s talk about the amazing benefits of 2 cloves before bed time.

Benefits Of 2 Cloves Before Bed Time

There are so many benefits of 2 cloves before bed time.

1. Respiratory contamination:

Cloves have ability to kill the pain in no time. It also kills germs and helps to treat sore throat as well.

2. Toothache

Cloves have anti-microbial properties. It helps to stop growth of micro-organisms like bacteria in body. It means it will kill the germs also. So, you’ll be able to diminish the toothache by putting a little clove of oil with a bit of cotton on a difficult tooth or on your gums. Separated from this, it’ll moreover decrease the contamination. 

Crush 3 cloves of 5 grams of lemon juice and pound it. Put it on the teeth and apply it within the empty. It devastates the torment of teeth.

3. Gas of guts & stomach ulcers

It contains gastric mucus which are helpful in protecting the stomach walls from the infections and ulcers. It also helps it digestion. If, you are suffering from the gas problem in abdomen. Here’s the benefit of having 2 cloves before bed time. Grind 2 cloves with half container of water. Drink it after it cools down. In this way utilizing this 3 times a day will advantage from stomach gas.

4. Liver Health

The useful compounds in cloves seem to offer assistance of liver health. The compound is particularly useful for the liver. One creature is being tested with greasy blends containing either clove oil or eugenol. It improves its liver functions, decrease irritation and decreased oxidative stress. Cloves are cancer prevention agents, which may avoid liver infection due to their capacity to assist diminish oxidative stress. 

5. Bone Health

Nowadays, bones are getting weaker day by day. The rate of osteoporosis is also increasing which may increase the risks of breakage of bones and fractures. It has property that protects from bones fracturing. It has manganese in high amount. Manganese is a mineral that’s involved in the formation of bone. It is one of the most useful benefit of 2 cloves before bed time.

HP Thoughts: Cloves are excellent health boosters as stated in this article. How about avocados? Are they as good as cloves, too? Learn more — Benefits Of Avocado.


Cloves have numerous potential health benefits, counting keeping blood sugar in check and helping block the development of microscopic organisms. They are delicious and you can add them in various meals to enjoy its taste and benefits too. Taking care of diet is too much important. Take Healthy Snacks Before Bed to Eat.

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