White Spots On Teeth

White Spots On Teeth; Causes & Treatment

Having white teeth is a good thing. It is the indication of a good and healthy diet, calcium amount, vitamins, brushing teeth on daily basis, usage of teeth whitening products, etc. But white spots on teeth are not good at all.


White spots on teeth or you can say it discoloration on the teeth is different from the color of teeth. It is an indication of the decaying down of teeth. It can occur due to many factors.
It can simply because of any kind of deficiency, illness, infections, and excess fluoride.
They are not harmful to you but can affect your beauty. In case of self-care, you must take care of your tooth condition.
Go to the dentist and ask him to examine your teeth to improve the appearance of teeth.

How White Spots on Teeth Occurs?

There can be many reasons for it. Sometimes these reasons can be more than one. When you will go to the dentist for your check-up, he can tell you in detail.
Let’s discuss some factors or causes due to which white spots on teeth occur.

  1. Demineralization

    Demineralization is also famous for the name of decalcification. It can be caused when bacteria stay in your mouth for a long time. Bacteria then attacks the enamel area and make it weaken. When the enamels become weaken, it makes white or brown spots on teeth. This discoloration results in cavities and for this, you have to make an appointment with the dentist. Your dentist will examine the tooth condition and tell you the solution.

    White spots on teeth occur due to poor dental health, because of not brushing and flossing. In case, if there would be no cavity, then you don’t need any treatment instead of you will ask to increase the time of brushing more than twice, maybe after every meal. You will ask to use the mouth wash to prevent the bacteria buildup in your mouth.

    It can also occur due to wearing braces. You can feel them after removing the braces. They occur under or around the actual location of brackets. Because where there are braces located, oral hygiene is not proper at that location.

  2. Fluorosis

    To provide strength to the teeth, fluoride is the essential thing. It prevents the tooth to stop the decaying process. But everything in excess has its own side effects. An excess amount of fluoride can cause decaying and discoloration.

    It occurs due to the excess consumption of fluoride in form of fluoride beverages. Mostly, it occurs in children because kids love to intake toothpaste while brushing their teeth. Swallowing fluoride toothpaste can become the reason for it. It also causes pitted enamel that makes it harder to brush and teeth cleansing.

  3. Enamel hypoplasia

    Enamel hypoplasia means the less amount of enamel in teeth. It causes because of deficiency of nutrients. The deficiency of nutrients causes a lack of minerals in the tooth. All those people who become the victim of this issue, are those who are facing the celiac disease. As, in celiac disease rash, the body can’t absorb the nutrients easily. Because a weak immune system makes it harder to absorb the nutrients for the body.

    Too much intake of antibiotics in case of fever can cause interference with the phenomenon of nutrient absorption. Smoking of pregnant ladies can cause this problem in the child present in their womb.

    Enamel hypoplasia can also occur due to the grooves or lines in the teeth. Tooth sensitivity can also be one of the reasons for enamel hypoplasia.

  4. Sleeping while the mouth is open

    Sometimes, you may get white spots on the teeth just like a morning wish. These white spots are present when you wake up in the morning that goes away after some hours. This happens when you sleep by opening the mouth the whole night and bacteria enters your mouth while you are sleeping. Along with the bacteria, dehydration occurs on the enamel surface of the teeth.

    White Spots On Teeth
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    These white spots on the teeth come temporarily. When your enamels get hydrated as you closed the mouth, saliva touches the enamel and make it hydrate again, these white spots on the teeth vanishes.

    When you are having a cold, you have more often chances to sleep with your mouth open.

  5. Bad Diet

    Acid can cause damage to the teeth. Too much acidic foods cause white spots to occur on teeth. These highly acidic foods damage the tooth enamel. This outer layer protects the teeth from damage.

    A sugary diet forms the acidic plaque on the tooth that eats up all the enamel on the tooth. Soda included foods and drinks, certain acidic fruits such as lemon, grapefruit, and oranges can cause damage to the enamel.

    Acid reflux is also a reason because it causes the acid to develop into the stomach, throat, and mouth. Enamel is responsible for the hot and cold sensitivity. When the enamel gets damaged, it shows some symptoms such as sensitivity to cold or hot foods and drinks.

How to Treat White Spots on Teeth?

There are rare chances that white spots on teeth cause any disturbance except for any personal development. If you want to treat white spots there are a number of treatments to vanish these spots.

White Spots On Teeth

  1. Microabrasion

    It is one of the treatments to vanish the white spots on teeth. In this treatment, the procedure is done by removing the layers of damaged enamel. The enamel is present on the tooth’s surface and is removed by mild abrasion. By removing the enamel, white spots also removed and the appearance of teeth also improved.

  2. Bleaching

    Bleaching is a procedure used for the whitening of teeth. This procedure is done under the supervision of a doctor.

    Bleaching balances the color of tooth enamel by lightening the whole tooth so that it becomes white just like the white spots present on it. That’s how white spots become less visible.

    It is not a much-satisfied treatment for those who faced these white spots because of the excess amount of fluoride. Bleaching not only whitens the teeth but also change the white shade of spots and turned it into another whitish shade spot.

  3. Veneers

    If your white spots are in excess amount then doctors will prefer veneers. In this process, white spots are concealed with porcelain veneers. This porcelain permanently sticks to the surface of teeth.

  4. Chin straps

    If you are addicted to sleeping by opening the mouth, wearing a chin strap while you are sleeping is the best option for you. It will not allow your mouth to open up for the whole night, that’s how your mouth will not dehydrate and white spots will not occur on teeth.

  5. Nasal decongestants

    If cold and other infections are becoming the reason for congestion then nasal decongestants are a must before going to the bed. It will help you to sleep better with a closed mouth. That’s how there are fewer chances of the white spots on teeth.

How to Prevent White Spots on Teeth?

To prevent the white spots on teeth, it is necessary to maintain good dental hygiene. This includes regular brushing and flossing. Try to brush your teeth after every meal. Use the mouth freshener before going to bed regularly.

Prevention of white spots on teeth

Waterpik is used to remove plaque that occurs around the brackets of braces and between teeth. The dentist will always recommend toothpaste that provides minerals to enamel and protect the teeth from white spots.

While intake of less sugar and less acidic food protects the enamel and prevent white spots on teeth. Skipping smoking can also be very beneficial for your health and as well for your baby if you are pregnant.

Fluoride is the basic reason for White spots in a child’s tooth which they usually intake while brushing the tooth from the toothpaste. You have to keep an eye on your child and do not let them intake the toothpaste. Try to use a pea-size amount of toothpaste.

Guide them that intake of toothpaste is harmful to their health and stop them from having too much amount of a beverage. Stopping the intake of acidic foods and soft drinks can be helpful.


White spots on teeth are indications of some deficiencies. We can treat them as well by many methods and some of the preventions. These white spots on teeth are caused because of excess amount of fluoride, diet, and bacterias. Keeping your mouth hydrated, less intake of acidic juices, etc can be helpful in order to prevent these spots on teeth.

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