Back Piercing; How To Done It? Aftercare & Many More

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Are you in love with back dimples? And you don’t have natural back dimples. Don’t worry. In this modern era of fashion, nothing is impossible. You can get these back dimples with the back piercing. Back piercing is usually called back dimple piercing. It is also called venus piercing.

Back Piercing

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Back piercing is different than other piercings. It is called a dermal piercing. Because in this type of piercing, a needle or scalpel is inserted in the middle layer of the skin named the dermis to make a pocket. Using forceps, the piercer will insert an anchor with a post into the pocket. Finally, they’ll screw the jewelry “top” onto the post.

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Back piercing emphasizes the natural curves and makes you look more attractive and feminine. If you already have dimples, then implanting jewelry under your skin will give you a more attractive look.

How To Do Back Piercing

Dermal piercing is not similar to traditional piercing. It has a single point instead of an entry and exit point like traditional piercings.

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In this back piercing, an anchor is inserted into the dermis to pop up the jewelry just above your butt.


Usually, the following method is followed to do back piercing.

  1. Piercer will ask for your ID and you have to fill the paperwork.
  2. Then you will go to a private room to evaluate your back dimple with a back piercing.
  3. Piercer will clean and disinfect the area.
  4. He will mark the points to be pierced using a body-safe marker.
  5. He will pierce the first dimple and insert the jewelry, then do the same with the second one.
  6. After that, he will clean up the blood and disinfect the area again.
  7. In the end, he will give you aftercare instructions that you have to follow.

Pain Level:

To be straight, it will hurt. But how much, nothing to say about it. Your back area will get sore, and the pain level is different. As pain level is different, the tolerance level of each individual is also different. So, it depends on you that home much it causes pain to you.

The only thing is, you have to know the complete information about back piercing before you take the route of the piercing studio.

One more thing is having a skilled piercer that never let you feel pain while piercing.

Jewelry of piercing:

The most recommended jewelry is the anchor with the top. Because the tops are interchangeable. There is no need to remove the anchor.

The second recommendation is a diver. But to insert a diver, there is another method to follow:

Divers have a pointed end base that sits under the skin and a decorative top. It is inserted into a hole in the tissue. This hole is made by a tool called “Skin Punch“.

A skin punch is a sharp and hollow instrument that is pushed almost 4 mm into the skin and removes a circular piece of tissue when it’s pulled out. The diver is inserted into the resulting hole.

This method causes less bleeding. But divers are not interchangeable. It means that it is evergreen trouble with limited jewelry.

Material Options:

The Association of Professional Piercers (APP) recommends using only high-quality materials that are:

  • Implant-grade titanium.
  • Niobium.
  • Implant-grade steel.
  • 14-karat or higher gold.

How Much It Costs?

Back piercings typically cost around $30 to $80. It does not include the jewelry’s cost. For that, you have to keep extra dollars in your pocket. Each jewelry has a different price depending on the material. Other things that cause up and down in the cost are the location of the studio, expert piercer, etc.

Effects Of Back Piercing:

It can cause infection, damage to the tissue, or skin tearing.

Everything needs some time to get healed. It can take 3 to 5 months to get healed. But sometimes, more than this depending on the skin types of the person. You just have to take care of it carefully.

Aftercare Of Back Piercing:

Just keep it in mind, there is a little care that you have to do for the whole life. It can cause irritation in your skin. Just follow the instruction given by the piercer after back piercing.

  • Don’t touch the area with dirty hands.
  • Use saline solutions to clean it.
  • Don’t use soap. It can cause infection and irritation.
  • Use a clean towel to dry the area.
  • Don’t put weight on that area.
  • Use clean bedsheets.
  • Wear comfortable clothes.
  • Don’t touch or move the jewelry.

Interchange Of Jewelry:

Don’t try to change the jewelry until it gets healed. It can cause severe pain, irritation, and damage to your skin. Ask a piercer to do it for you.


Everyone is beautiful. There is no need to get yourself in trouble or pain. But if you really want dimples on your back and want back piercing to be done, you must know about that what it is actually. Back piercing is usually occurred by piercing the skin and tissues to create a dimple in your skin just above your butts.

Just get it done with an experienced piercer, a good studio and, took care of it after it has done. If you will not take care of it properly, it can cause severe pain, irritation, and infection in that area.

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