Butt Implants

What Are Butt Implants? Complete Procedure


Butt implants are some artificial devices that are placed in the buttocks. These devices are placed in the buttocks through the surgery. The main purpose or aim of the butt implants is to create volume in the buttocks area. Butt implants are also known as buttock or gluteal augmentation. The requirement for buttock implants has been increasing and becoming popular with the passage of time.
Research says that the rate of buttock surgery has been increased about 252% in time of 2000 to 2015. These buttock surgeries include butt lifts, butt implants, and augmentation with fat grafting.

The Procedure of Butt Implants

No matter, that butt implant surgeries are popular but they are risky too. We should know the side effects of these surgeries as well as the procedure, benefits, and cost. It is used to enhance the shape of the butts. It is done with Many types of procedures.

1. Fat grafting

In 2015, butt augmentation with fat grafting is the popular method. It is also called as “Brazilian Butt Lift”.

In this process, the surgeon used to cur another area from the thighs, abdomen, etc, and attach that area to the buttock to add the volume of the buttocks. This method is used along with silicone implants so that butt implants can give a natural look to the buttocks.

2. Sculptra butt lift

In this method, fillers are injected into the buttock’s tissues. When the fillers are injected, the buttocks life up. After lifting up, the body uses the material to form additional collagen. This collagen increases the volume of that area.
A single session is not enough for this, you will require to ask for some more sessions. This can be proved expensive.

3. Hydrogel and silicone buttock injections

It is a cheaper method of augmentation. Hydrogel and silicone buttock injections give a temporary result and it doesn’t require traditional surgery. It can also be dangerous.
Hydrogel injections don’t involve surgery. Silicone injections just like hydrogel injections don’t involve surgery and they also don’t change the shape of the buttock directly.
But, silicone injections are dangerous and not recommended.

4. Silicone implants

In this implantation, silicon is used. In this method, solid silicone is placed into the buttocks. These are placed by cutting the butt cheeks.
It is done along the fat grafting to get maximum results. Because implantation adds volume. Injections and fat grafting are not enough alone. It usually gets recovered in 4 weeks.
Implantation is best for those who have little fat, as these little fat are not much to inject for a Brazilian butt lift.

5. Liposuction

Liposuction is used in buttock procedures. It removes the extra fat. Extra fat is removed to get maximum contouring.

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The Importance of Sterilization During Surgery

There are many reasons why sterilization is important during surgery. Infection can occur when bacteria enter the body through an open wound. Sterilization helps to prevent this from happening by killing any bacteria that may be present on equipment or on the patient’s skin. Additionally, sterilization helps to ensure a safe and sterile environment for the patient.

In order to keep patients safe and avoid the spread of infections, it’s important to keep hospital equipment cleaned and sterilized. By making sure that sterilizers are functioning properly, the hospital can reduce the risk of infection. Therefore, it is crucial that hospitals have reliable and effective sterilizer repair services available when needed.

Are butt implants safe to do?

Butt implants have 95% success. Despite this, it is still dangerous.
It has many side effects such as,

  • Severe bleeding after the surgery
  • Pain
  • Scars
  • Skin discoloration
  • Infection
  • Blood accumulation
  • Allergy
  • Skin loss
  • Nausea because of anesthesia
  • Sometimes, silicones slip from their place and give an uneven appearance that requires surgery.
  • Fat grafting can also cause an uneven appearance due to fat absorption. But we can fix it with surgeries.
  • Injections used in these surgeries can cause scars, strokes, and even deaths.

Do butt implants work?

1. Butt implants are permanent and have high success rates.
2. It takes some time to see full effects, almost 3 to 6 months.

Who should apply for a butt implant?

It is not for everyone. Not everyone can apply for this. It requires some things from you. You can apply for buttock implants if you:

  • Previously loss some weight and your natural shape of buttocks also lost.
  • Feel the natural shape of the buttock is too flat
  • Think your buttocks could use more curves to balance out the rest of your body shape
  • Want to fight natural signs of aging, sagginess, and flatness.
  • Don’t smoke
  • Have good health
    It’s better to talk about these points from the surgeon.

How much butt implants cost?

Although this procedure is too much costly. You require to ask your surgeon for a payment plan. You need some extra money to pay for the room and anesthesia expenses as well. The butt implants surgeon fee is $4,860. While the cost of grafting is less at $4,356. Well, the fee of surgeons is different at different places.

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Butt implant surgeries are increasing day by day and being the popular one among all. With increasing rates of this, it is still not safe. It is dangerous.

Silicone and all other materials that are injected into the butts are not safe to use. They can cause dangerous issues. But, there is no alternative for them. You should ask about all the little details, benefits, and costs. You should ask for its side effects too.

Silicone and other materials that are injected illegally are not safe and can pose life-threatening complications. There is no alternative to butt implants.

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