Forehead Reduction

Forehead Reduction Surgery: How To Reduce Forehead?

Wondering about forehead reduction surgery? Like what the hell it is and why it should be done? Some people have a broad forehead or their hairline is higher than usual ones. With that, their features of the face become unbalanced.


Forehead Reduction Surgery is also known as hairline lowering surgery. It means that in this surgery, the hairline is made forward so that their forehead can look smaller. In this way, their features of the face can become balance and their grace can enhance.

It can be because of genetics, hair loss, and any other issue related to cosmetics.

How to do forehead reduction surgery?

This surgery is usually done under both general and local anesthesia. It means that surgeons make the patient sleep and also, inject the drug on the forehead to make it numb. This prevents bleeding and the patient feels less pain.

The following steps are followed to do the surgery:

  • First of all, the hairline which they have to remove will be marked with a special marker (surgical skin marker). Take care of it that the cut near the hairlines keeps the hair follicles and nerves safe.
  • After that local anesthesia will be done to make your forehead numb so that you can not feel any pain.
  • The marked area would b cut down and skin would be separated to connective tissue.
  • The top cut along the hairline is at that point pulled down to connect the forehead cut. This closes the gap and shortens the forehead.
  • The skin is sutured together in a way that minimizes scar formation and is covered up nearly totally by the hairline upon hair regrowth.

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After surgery, the forehead will be reduced but the appearance of eyebrows would also be changed. If you want your eyebrows to lift up, for that purpose a separate surgery known as brow lift surgery can be done at that moment.


There is no need for a night stay. You can go back home after some hours. But you are required to visit and for observation for almost 2 to 4 weeks after surgery. Don’t touch your cut, let that heal properly. He will also guide you on how to reduce pain, swelling, and risk of infection.

Direct pain or distress is anticipated for three to five days after surgery, and patients can go back to their typical daily activities after one to two weeks, barring strongly work out or contact sports, which ought to be avoided for at slightest six weeks post-op.

Who Is Eligible for Forehead Reduction Surgery?

Forehead reduction surgery can be used to lower that hairline and balance the facial features.

A person who is eligible for it should have

  • a high hairline and have a desire to lower the hairline
  • a large forehead and desire to shorten the forehead
  • thick hair
  • low or heavy eyebrows
  • desire to increase the hairline

so, not everyone is suitable for this.

Side effects

There are also some side effects of forehead reduction surgery

  • bleeding during and after surgery
  • side effects of general anesthesia
  • infection of the incision area
  • nerve damage
  • Hair Loss where the hairline was cut
  • scars on the cut area
  • Skin necrosis
  • Facial muscle weakness

How much does it cost to Forehead Reduction Surgery?

The cost for forehead reduction surgery is around $8000 at the London Bridge Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Clinic, which includes the surgery, clinic fees, and post-surgery care. However, the cost will vary from country to country and from clinic to clinic.


Forehead Reduction before and after
Image Credi: Huda Beauty

The comes about is first and foremost natural. The objectives of Forehead Lowering / Hairline Headway are to supply a stylishly satisfying, female facial shape that is in balance along with your facial highlights.


surgery is also known as hairline lowering surgery. It can be done by taking your hairline forward and that’s how reducing the height of the hairline. After surgery, a person will recover soon if he takes care of the incisor area. There are some aftercare stForehead reductioneps to follow. Also, there are some side effects to it.

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