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How to Get Pregnant Tips!

There are certain things affecting you and your child’s health and if you have planned to become pregnant then, after 1 year of trying most of you will conceive. It is very important to know yourself and your body to get pregnant. There are certain how to get pregnant tips which will help you to conceive early and timely within a few months of trying.

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Top 10 Tips To Getting Pregnant

There are a variety of considerations when you want to get pregnant, most of important of which is to know your menstrual cycle as it is crucial in getting pregnant. Your menstrual regularity affects you being pregnant and the ability to conceive increases if you try to conceive in the fertile period of your menstrual cycle. Usually, the ovulation day of the menstrual cycle is the 14th day in a 28-day cycle. There are certain how to get pregnant tips, following which can improve your ability to conceive.

1- Get Your Self Checked Before Conception:

Getting yourself checked before conception is very important as it may decrease the risk of you and your baby being affected by certain medical conditions. Your doctor will recommend you to take a proper diet and exercise. He will guide you about what things you have to take and what to not. Getting yourself Checked before conception will lead to decreased chances of spinal Bifida neural tube defects.

Ascertain females do not take Folic acid pre conceptually, their baby suffers from genetic conditions such as neural tube defects and Spinal Bifida. Your doctor will guide you to take certain vitamin supplements. He will recommend you improve your dietary habits and add more fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet to improve your metabolism. He will recommend you to take more antioxidants rich fruits and vegetables. Smoking cessation is very important before pregnancy as it may cause various genetic effects to your baby.

2- Menstrual Cycle Regularity:

When we talk about how to get pregnant tips, menstrual cycle regularity is the Hallmark of getting pregnant. There are most fertile periods in a woman’s menstrual cycle and the chance to become pregnant in this fertile period is more as compared to other days of the cycle. In the most fertile periods, certain women feel the changes in ovulation and changes in cervical mucus. Most females feel their cervical mucus becoming thin as compared to the other days.

In the most fertile period, the cervical mucus feels more slippery and clear as compared to the normal days. The first day of the menstrual cycle is considered day 1 of the cycle. And ovulation occurs on 14th day in a 28-day cycle so if you try to conceive between days 9 to day 20, the chance of you becoming pregnant is more.

3- Stay In Bed after Sexual Intercourse:

Most studies say that staying in bed after sexual intercourse increases the chances of you being pregnant. Some say that women should lay in bed up to 15 minutes after sexual intercourse with the legs up in the air and it will improve the ability to conceive. However, some study says that putting in the legs up in the air is not important but laying 15 minutes after sexual intercourse will improve the chances of being pregnant.

The key factor in this regard is to keep the pelvis straight and static for 15 minutes, So as to improve the mobility of sperm inside the cervix. It is said to not urinate immediately after the sexual intercourse as it will waste the sperms and destroy their ability to move inside the cervix.

4- Improve Your Sexual Practice:

It is recommended to increase your sexual practice while you are trying to conceive. do not overdo or under-do it and also doing sexual practice regularly will not increase the chance of you getting pregnant. However, if you improve sexual intercourse during your fertile periods, it can increase the chances of you becoming pregnant. You should follow the fertile periods of your menstrual cycle and improve your practice on those days as it will directly improve the chances to conceive.

5- Prevent Wearing Tight Fitting Clothes:

You should prevent wearing tight-fitting or else fitting clothes will decrease the chances of getting pregnant. Tight-fitting clothes will create a negative pressure effect on the sperms and it will destroy the sperm count and number or will destroy the viability of sperms. So it is very important to wear clothes that fit perfectly over your body. So as to prevent the destruction of sperms.

6- How Certain Sexual Positions Help You Getting Pregnant?

Certain position improves the chances of you getting pregnant. It’s a myth when we talk about how to get pregnant tips as the position has no effect on you getting pregnant. All that is required in a certain position is that sperm should enter your cervix and you should lay there for 15 minutes with your pelvis stationary. So as to improve the mobility of sperm inside your cervix and its movement upward the uterus via fallopian tubes.

7- Don’t Stress Out Too Much:

Top 10 Tips To Getting PregnantStress carries negative effects on ovulation and estrogen levels. It will also shorten or lengthen the cycle. So to get pregnant, you should not overstress for yourself. Stay relaxed about everything bad that happens in your life. Stress is the factor that will not let you conceive.

8- Exercise Regularly:

Exercising 30 minutes daily 5 times a week is important as it allows your muscles to strengthen and reduces the level of your stress and anxiety about exercise. It is recommended that you should not overdo or under-do it and certain hardcode exercises will shorten or lengthen the cycle of a certain female.

9- Healthy Eating Habits:

You should adopt healthy eating habits. The fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants are to be taken daily as it improves the digestion and the bowel movements and will improve the hormone levels of your body and hence, it will help you to get pregnant.

10- Smoking Cessation:

Giving up on smoking is very important as it will affect your health. Smoking alters the level of hormones and estrogen and will affect your cycle in one way or another. So you should stop smoking or alcohol intake as they can cause various genetic diseases of childhood.

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