Early pregnancy spotting

Is Early pregnancy spotting Safe at 4th week?

Early pregnancy spotting is a common problem in almost 20% of pregnant women during the 12 weeks of pregnancy. It is not limited to any specific month but can occur during any time of the whole nine months. It is not an alarming sign in a mild case because it is normal. If it is more than normal and persistent, consult your doctor. What is the mean of early pregnancy spotting or what is it?

Early pregnancy spotting

Early pregnancy spotting is actually a bloody discharge from the lady part after the conception. It can occur at any time and it is normal in mild cases. This Bleeding that occurs early on the pregnancy is usually lighter in flow than the menstrual period. The color of the discharge often varies from pink to red to brown in the spotting.

Difference between spotting & pregnancy

One important thing how you can differentiate the periods from spotting? The main key points are below which tell the main differences.

  • At the start of every menstrual cycle, if two tablespoons of blood are released, it is the spotting. Spotting can occur at any time of the period.
  • Another difference is the color of the blood. spotting usually contains light brown blood, While the period blood can have ranged in colors.
  • Spotting can occur between the periods, during the pregnancy, after the sex, or after the ultrasound examination. Periods occur once a month.

Causes of Early Pregnancy Spotting

Early pregnancy spotting
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1- Implantation Bleeding

Implantation bleeding is the most common cause of spotting early in the pregnancy. Implantation bleeding occurs when the fertilized ovum attached to the uterine wall. When this attaches, it triggers the light bleeding or spotting before the women confirmed her pregnancy. But sometimes women misunderstood this spotting with normal menstrual bleeding.

2- Sexual intercourse

Sexual intercourse after conception may put pressure on the uterine lining and prone to bleed under the pressure.

3- Heavy lifting

It is also the commonly seen cause of spotting during pregnancy.

4- vaginal ultrasound

During the vaginal ultrasound, insertion of the tube through the lady part can cause the rupture of the blood vessels in the case of a cervical polyp.

5- excessive exercise

Heavy or excessive exercise also increases the risk of bleeding during pregnancy.

6- Cervical Polyp

Early pregnancy spotting might be the cause of the cervical polyp which is an abnormal but harmless growth of the cervix. There are more chances to bleed this polyp during pregnancy due to hormonal imbalance or high estrogen levels. New blood vessels are also formed around this growth during pregnancy, which may be ruptured.

There is also some reason for early pregnancy spotting but they are not much common but still exist. These conditions may lead to a lethal phase. They included

Symptoms of Early Pregnancy Spotting

There are some symptoms related to spotting or bleeding that pregnant women might be experienced. These symptoms are may be due to significant blood loss.

  • Mild vaginal discharge
  • Increased fatigue
  • Excessive thirst
  • Dizziness
  • Fainting
  • A rapid pulse rate that increases when you stand up

If symptoms gradually become more progressive and bleeding becomes more severe, don’t neglect it. Call for your health care provider and start your treatment as soon as possible to save the life of both mother and baby. Because it can be the result of any underlying disease or miscarriage. If it is mild, there is no alarming signal and stay calm then.

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