What Is Marsupialization?

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Marsupialization surgery is used to treat some kind of special cysts named Bartholin’s cysts. Bartholin cysts are the cysts near the vaginal opening. Near the vaginal opening, there are tiny organs on the labia which are called Bartholin glands. These glands help in the lubrication during sexual intercourse.


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Marsupialization is the technique of cutting a slit into a cyst and sewing the edges of the slit to form a continuous surface from the exterior surface to the interior surface of the cyst.

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Sewing in such a way that, the site remains open and can drain freely. This method is utilized to treat a sore or abscess when a single depleting would not be successful and total evacuation of the encompassing structure would not be alluring.

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It is also in use in dacryocystorhinostomy surgery in which the lacrimal sac mucosa is associated with the nasal mucosa over the level of the mechanical obstacle at the nasolacrimal channel. It also treats other types of cysts, such as Skene duct cysts, which develop near the opening of the urethra.

Under normal circumstances, you would hardly notice these glands. But sometimes, skin starts to grow over the opening of the gland, trapping fluid inside. When fluid built up it results in a cyst. If the cyst is small, it can be painless. As they grow, it starts to cause much pain and discomfort. Then, there will be a need for treatment.

How To Do Marsupialization?

Though this technique is different from others. Try to get it done by a specialist doctor who is an expert in marsupialization. Before getting it done, arrange some important kinds of stuff and tasks for you as you will not be able to do them yourself.

Usually, it is done by using drugs that will numb that area on which they have to work. This will help to stay safe from pain. But most doctors recommend the usage of drugs that will make you asleep and not feel any pain in marsupialization. This is not a big surgery that you have to stay overnight. But in general anesthesia, doctors will instruct you to stop eating and drinking.

  • At the start, the cyst and surrounding area will be cleaned and sterilized.
  • The doctor will use a scalpel to make a cut on the cyst, through which fluid will be drained.
  • Then he will stitch the edges of the skin by leaving a small, permanent opening through which fluids can drain freely.
  • Immediately after the procedure, gauze will be used to prevent bleeding.
  • In some cases, your doctor may leave a catheter in place for a few days to allow more drainage.

The method ends up in 10 to 15 minutes. In any caseyou will be in the recovery room for a couple of hours sometime, recently you’ll be able to go home.

Recovery Of Marsupialization

Might be possible, that pain will be your guest just for few days. For that hospitality, you have to eat some pain relievers. But don’t worry. Guests are guests. They have to go one day definitely. You will surely get rid of it.

Your vagina can bleed for a few weeks. Use panties for that.

Follow your doctor’s instructions for cleaning and caring for the area. This may include taking one or two sitz baths a day for a few days.

Wear some loose and comfortable clothes.

Don’t engage in sexual activity.

Don’t use harsh soaps or fragranced bathing products.

When To Get Worried?

There can be some complications but don’t worry of

  • infection
  • recurring abscesses
  • bleeding
  • unresolved pain
  • scarring

Contact your doctor, if you will face these

  • develop a fever
  • are bleeding more than expected
  • show signs of infection
  • have unusual vaginal discharge
  • have pain that’s getting worse

Other Treatments:

Only surgery is not a solution to this. There can be a cure for cysts in the early stage. For example:

  • Warm soak

    Soak the cyst in warm water for 10 to 15 minutes a few times a day for 3 or 4 days. You can do this in a sitz bath or bathtub.

  • Surgical Drainage

    Der local anesthesia, your specialist can make a little entry point to embed a little catheter called a word catheter. It’ll remain input for 4 to 6 weeks to deplete the fluid. Then you’ll have to return to the doctor’s office to have the catheter evacuated.


Marsupialization surgery is used to treat some kind of special cysts named Bartholin’s cysts. These cysts are near the vaginal opening in the tiny organs on the labia. It can be painless in the early stage. But also, it can be painful and disturbed. Then there is a need for surgery. In the early stage, it can be treated with other methods also without surgery.

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