Pregnancy of 2 Months: Complete Guideline


The duration of pregnancy is 280 days or 40 weeks. The pregnancy has been weekly dated from the last menstrual period and not the date of conception. The average cycle length is 28 days and ovulation occurs only on the 14th day of the cycle. If the cycle is longer than 28 days, There are alternative methods to calculate the exact time of ovulation. There is a total of 9 months of pregnancy. The woman is usually unaware of her pregnancy in initial phases but the Pregnancy of 2 months makes her aware of pregnancy as she misses her periods. Pregnancy is divided into three trimesters and each trimester is equal to 3 months so 2 months pregnancy is included in the first trimester.

Booking Visits for Pregnancy of 2 Months:

The woman becomes pregnant one of the first interactions with the hospital is called booking visit. This is usually done in the first 2 months of pregnancy and at this point when you visit the hospital, your doctor will take your complete history and examine you from head to toe. He will assess the well-being of your baby by examining the baby too. All possible risk factors are identified that may potentially impact the pregnancy of two months. They will assess you and will offer you specialized services on your behalf in pregnancy of two months.

Signs and Symptoms for Pregnancy of 2 Months:

When you are pregnant, you know, there are changes going on inside the body. You may face signs and symptoms which may involve your head down to your feet. The most common symptom in 2 months pregnancy is nausea and vomiting. You feel nausea and vomiting as soon as you wake up early in the morning and it is associated with anorexia or low appetite.

Might be you feel pain in your back, legs, and spine. You may suffer urinary changes which include urinary or fecal incontinence increased frequency of urination. Insomnia Is one of the symptoms which women complain in pregnancy of the second month as sleep pattern is disturbed. There are changes in your breast in pregnancy of second months or first trimester. It may include tenderness, edema, and an increase in size.

You may have high blood pressure in pregnancy for the first two months and for this, you will need to go to your doctor regularly. Some women complain of diabetes which is called gestational diabetes in the first trimester of pregnancy and for it, you have to take proper medication to manage your pregnancy.

Dietary Advice for the Pregnancy of the Second Month

  • You should not eat for two
  • maintain normal proportion and size
  • try to avoid frequent snacks
  • base your meals on starchy foods such as bread, pasta, potatoes, and whole grains as much as possible.
  • You should restrict the intake of fried food drink and carbonated drinks and other high sugar products in the first two months of pregnancy
  • eat at least five times a day in five portions
  • try to eat fiber-rich foods such as beans, seeds, fruits, and vegetable brown rice and whole grains

Exercise Advice for Pregnancy of First 2 Months:

You should exercise Mildly in the first three months of your pregnancy. Aerobic and strength training exercise in pregnancy of first and second month is considered safe and very beneficial. It may help you Rapid recovery following delivery and it will reduce your pelvic pain and back pain during pregnancy and will contribute to overall well being of yours during pregnancy of 2 months. Contact sports should be avoided and if you have any existing medical conditions, the more tailored exercises may be needed for you. Pelvic floor exercises during pregnancy of 2 months are important as they reduce the risk of urinary and fecal incontinence in the future.

Breastfeeding Education for Pregnancy of 2 Months:

Breastfeeding education is very important for the pregnancy of 2 months as it prepares the mother for feeding a child. It protects against very common childhood diseases such as diarrhea, pneumonia and also has long term benefits for mother and child well being. It will reduce the risk of your baby being obese in later life. Breastfeeding education in pregnancy of 2 months is important as and the women should be advised to continue breastfeeding for 6 months of life. And at least up to two years of baby life.

Care of Pregnancy:

After the booking visits and assessment of your well being, you may discuss the expected dates of the pregnancy. During your  2 months of gestational age and you may discuss where would you like to receive the care and deliver the baby. There are a variety of options for you to deliver your baby. It can be home birth, midwife units, midwife centers, or hospital birth centers. You can opt for any of these centers for delivery purposes in the 2-month pregnancy.

Infection Screening for Pregnancy of Initial 2 Months:

Infection in pregnancy is very common as immunity is weakened during pregnancy for the first 2 months. There are a variety of screening tests to diagnose you. Infections in pregnancy of 2nd months include rubella, syphilis, hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, and HIV. Your doctor may collect your blood sample during your booking visits and will assess if you are suffering from any of this disease. If you are considered disease positive other options and medications for you are to be planned to manage your pregnancy for the first 2 or 3 months.

How to Assess Well Being of Your Baby in Pregnancy of 2 Months?

As a mother, you are always concerned about the wellbeing of your baby in pregnancy for the second month. There are a variety of methods available to assess the wellbeing of your baby. It includes

  • the computerized cardiotocograph
  • biophysical profile
  • Doppler investigation
  • ultrasound
  • Doppler assessment of fetal vessels
  • Doppler assessment of uterine artery
  • cerebroplacental Doppler
  • 3D and 4D ultrasound
  • Magnetic resonance imaging
  • amniocentesis
  • chronic villus Sampling
  • Cordocentesis

Outlook for Pregnancy of 2 Months:

As soon as you confirm that you are pregnant, you should visit your doctor who will assess you. It is usually easy to manage complications in pregnancy of 2nd month, but if complications are diagnosed later, it may complicate your pregnancy as well as your child well being. Regular visits to the doctor are required during the first 2 months of your pregnancy.

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