Pregnancy symptoms week 6

Pregnancy Symptoms Week 6, and your baby size

Pregnancy symptoms at week 6 are caused by the hormonal variation during pregnancy. At Week 6, you are one month and one week pregnant, only 7 months and one week are left to go. You are passing your first trimester at week 6, therefore, pregnancy symptoms week 6 are more prominent than the first month of pregnancy. But some symptoms are going to diminished at week 6 such as nausea, vomiting, etc. These physiological changes are under the action of progesterone and estrogen ratio, prolactin, hCG, and other pregnancy hormones.

Your Baby’s Size at 6 Week Pregnant

At week 6, your baby is the size of a sweet pea. As this is the beginning of the pregnancy, but don’t be worry, it will be double in size next week.

What are the Chances of the Miscarriages at Week 6 Pregnant?

Once you have passed your 5 weeks of pregnancy and you are at the week 6 pregnancy, your chances of the miscarriages drop to 10 percent but still, 90 percent chances are there. After week 8 or week 9, your chances of a miscarriage drop to 95 percent, and you entered a safe zone.

Pregnancy Symptoms Week 6

Because it still the start of your pregnancy, it might be possible you may not experience any pregnancy symptoms this week. Some women may are nauseous, while others may feel almost nothing. This is all under your pregnancy hormones concentration and their severity and intensity vary week by week. Pregnancy symptoms week 6 include

1- Nausea

It is a pathetic condition of pregnant women that are not limited to morning sickness but can be an all-day affair. It may be associated with or without vomiting. This is a normal state, don’t be panic. If it is severe, you may consult your doctor. Don’t take antiemetic without the prescription of your doctor.

2- Tender Breast

Your boobs are more sore and tender to touch. Blood flow increased to the breast and milk production starts with the influence of the prolactin hormone. Breast enlarged in size and become sore, tender, painful. The nipple becomes more prominent and areola become darker.

3- Spotting

pregnancy spotting

At week 6, or any early pregnancy spotting is considered as normal. No doubt, spotting can be worried you about the miscarriages or ectopic pregnancies, etc, but be sure that spotting is an indication of the fetus attachment to your uterine wall. That’s why spotting is also known as implantation bleeding. Keep in mind, miscarriages are most common at week 8 or week 9. But if the spotting is profused, you may call to your health care provider.

4- Abdominal Cramps & Bloating

This is also a common presenting symptom by almost all pregnant women. When uterus expands, it exerts a little pressure on your abdomen. Moreover, the progesterone hormone is also responsible for abdominal discomfort and troubles. Don’t use any pain killer to avoid this. Drinks a lot of water and fresh juices. Take more fibers and green vegetables to prevent constipation or other bowel diseases. If bloating is also associated with the pain, you must consult with your doctor.

5- Frequent Urination

Very terrible situation, when a pregnant woman has to go washroom many times a day and more urge to pee than the usual. Actually, pregnancy hormone hCG increases the blood flow to the pelvic area. Meanwhile, your growing fetus putting pressure on your bladder which stimulates your desire to empty. If the urination is painful and you have an urge to pee but you are unable to do, you should immediately concerned with your doctor because it is a sign of Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) and the chances of Urinary tract infections are at the peak at week 6.

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