Pregnancy symptoms week one

7 Always Pregnancy symptoms week one

Pregnancy symptoms week one is not obvious as one-week pregnancy is actually not pregnancy at all. It is believed that pregnancy starts from the first day of your last menstrual period. You can carry out your urine pregnancy test after a missed period if you have had unprotected intercourse. Pregnancy symptoms actually are physiological changes in all pregnant women Due to hormonal imbalance. These pregnancy symptoms vary from women to women in frequency, intensity and severity, but are considered quite normal. Don’t need to take any medication to get rid of these symptoms, though you may consult your nearby physician.

Symptoms of Pregnancy in the First Week

Always must assure, pregnancy symptoms week one is actually typical to your menstrual cycle because you are not actually pregnant at that time. The following pregnancy symptoms which you are experiencing at week one are may be due to hormonal changes, the fertilized ovum, and retention of corpus autumn. Pregnant women must have knowledge about the pregnancy symptoms, that they are normal physiological changes in all pregnant women’s bodies that may change in severity. These pregnancy symptoms week one include

1- A Missed period

This symptom is traditionally considered a symptom of being pregnant. When a period is missed, the urine pregnancy test should be done to confirm the pregnancy. Why periods are missed? When an egg is fertilized with sperm and zygote get attached to the uterine wall, it begins to produce some hormone such as hCG. This prepared the uterus and other body parts for an upcoming fetus. The hCG hormonal level begins to detect at 2 weeks, therefore urine pregnancy test becomes positive in the second week of pregnancy.

2- Vaginal Bleeding

Vaginal Bleeding or vaginal discharge, a very typical pregnancy symptoms week one which is mostly misinterpreted with normal menstrual blood. The most common and distinguishing feature between these two is, menstrual blood is fresh, reddish with or without clots. Whereas vaginal discharge is brownish in color because your body is actually shifting the uterine lining and its cells. Vaginal Bleeding is considered in normal pregnancy symptoms week 1, but if bleeding is severe and continues, you must consult with your health care provider.

First Week Symptoms of Pregnancy

3- Nausea, Vomiting

Hormonal changes in pregnant women impart some physiological changes in their bodies. The first feeling is being pregnant is nausea with or without vomit. Don’t be worry, it’s a normal physiological phenomenon in all pregnant women Due to fluctuations in some hormone levels such as progesterone, hCG, prolactin.

4- Backache, Low Back Pain

Mostly pregnant women present with the complaint of backache or back pain. It is not dangerous at all, if mild or moderate in severity. Actually, the uterus is expanding and enlarging in size to accommodate the implanted fetus. This expanded uterus puts pressure on the abdomen and back and causing pain. Don’t use any medication to relieve this pain, without the prescription. Always consult your physician in case of any pregnancy-related issue.

5- Headaches

Many pregnant women complain of menstrual migraine or headache, which are also a hormonal related change. You may use ice packs, OTC pain relievers or exercise to get rid of this disturbing symptom with the consultation of your concerned physician.

6- Swollen Breast

Large, swollen, and tender breasts are actually due to the fluctuations in prolactin hormone and progesterone. Breasts begin to enlarge, milk production begins to start to get feed for baby. Nipple becomes more prominent and areola become darker under the action of these pregnancy hormones.

7- Constipation

Constipation is another common early pregnancy symptom week one to be experienced. An increase in progesterone hormone causes the food to pass slowly through the digestive tract, which can lead to increase reabsorption of water and result in constipation. Read more: Pregnancy Symptoms Week 1 What to Expect

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