8 weeks pregnant

8 Weeks Pregnant-Your Baby’s Development

8 Weeks Pregnant!

In the 8 week pregnancy, the hands and feet are forming short fingers and toes, and those arms are able to flex at the elbow and wrist. At this point, the eyes begin to develop pigment, and genitals are also forming, although it is still soon to be discovered that you are expecting a boy or girl. However, if you think so, we have some fun with the Baby Gender Quiz.

These external features are not just developing things, making internal organs, too. As intestines, they begin to take place in the umbilical cord because your baby does not yet have enough space in its stomach. Even at this early Pregnancy stage, the intestines are working to carry out the waste from the body. A month from now, when you have more space in your small stomach, the intestines will come out of the cord and return to the stomach.

Mom’s Body at 8 Week Pregnant

By the time you are 8 weeks pregnant, the pregnancy symptoms will be in full swing. Your clothes may start in a little pinch, but at the same time, you can hear your baby’s heartbeat for the first time, for some of the pleasurable symptoms you may be experiencing.

How Big Is Your Baby at 8 Weeks

Your child has already come a long way, and soon, growth will accelerate in the 8 weeks pregnancy! Your little one is about the size of raspberry this week, just 0.5 to 0.6 inches long, tail to the crown.

8 weeks pregnant
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8 Weeks Pregnant – Things to Consider

Here are some points which 8 week pregnancy women have to follow;

  • Think of adding a few pieces of stretchy clothing to your wardrobe that will grow with you. Your clothes must be feeling tight by now, and you will want to avoid tight pants from outside. As your breasts grow, don’t forget to fit them to the right bra size during pregnancy.
  • Take care of yourself by exercising. If you were quite active before your pregnancy, it is generally considered safe to continue the activities you do (just be sure to check with your healthcare provider).
  • Taking good care is important! It’s time for your first visit with your healthcare provider, so if you haven’t chosen a provider, do it now. Your choices may depend on where you live and your insurance coverage, but whatever you choose, it is important that you are comfortable with its philosophy and practices.
  • Should you share the news? When to tell is the subject of much debate: Some couples immediately tell their close friends and family. People choose to wait until the first trimester until the risk of miscarriage is very low.

8 Weeks Pregnant – Your Symptoms

  1. Trouble sleeping:

Changes in hormone levels, restlessness, and extra seizures to the toilet often add to disturbed sleep. If you are feeling wide awake, try listening to peaceful music or reading a book. You can also try drinking warm milk or taking a bath or bath before bed. Some women are helpful in lying on the left side, as it improves blood circulation. Keeping a pillow between your knees can help you feel more comfortable.

2. Back pain:

By the time you become 8 weeks pregnant, you may have back pain, especially around the lower back. This is because your back muscles are slightly harder than normal to accommodate your growing uterus as your weight increases again. Also, your center of gravity is changing, and those pregnancy hormones are working on the ligaments resting in your pelvic joints.

Food and smell aversions:

Some tastes and smells that have never bothered or suppressed you before, thanks to the rising hormones that increase your sense of smell and make your stomach feel as if you are on a wild roller coaster ride.

3. Diarrhea:

Your digestive system may now be more sensitive. Make sure you are practicing healthy eating habits and stay hydrated. Contact your healthcare provider if diarrhea lasts for more than 24 hours, or is accompanied by any other symptoms, and do not take anti-dihedral medications or any medications before checking with your provider.

4. Frequent urination:

Yes, you are still making a lot of extra trips to the bathroom. This symptom will come throughout your pregnancy and as your baby grows and your uterus expands, both stress your bladder.

5. Stomach cramps:

This symptom may be associated with the continuous growth of your uterus. If the cramps are severe, call your healthcare provider to deal with the problems.

    • Morning sickness:

You can deal with nausea and even vomit right now. The good news is that morning sickness symptom usually subside during the second trimester, and you’re almost there! For now, try munching on crackers before getting up, and aim for five or six small meals a day instead of three big ones.

Spotting (a few drops of blood at a time) may be normal. However, be sure to talk to your healthcare provider if you feel at all concerned and call immediately if you notice heavy bleeding.

6. Fatigue:

Your progesterone levels are increasing, which can often make you feel more tired than usual. Go ahead and grab some extra snooze time whenever you can. If you are feeling tired, listen to your body and try to make it easier.

8 Weeks Pregnant – Ask Your Doctor

Your prenatal visits in the last two months of your pregnancy are usually scheduled once a month when they will occur more frequently until giving birth. These regular checkups give you the right opportunity to ask questions and raise concerns.

  • What are some ways to get a better night’s sleep?
  • Is it safe to travel while pregnant, and when is the best time?
  • When and how to contact the doctor between appointments?
  • What types of prenatal tests are required or recommended, and when should they be prescribed?

8 Weeks Pregnant – Your Checklist

  • A healthcare provider that you like and trust, whether that person is a physician, nurse practitioner, or midwife.
  • Check with your chosen provider when your next checkup will happen and download our pregnancy guide for an easy prenatal travel calendar.
  • With your partner, start planning how you will share the big news with family and friends.

HP Thoughts: Our eighth part of pregnancy deals with the baby about to welcome the world at large — Pregnancy Symptoms Week 9.

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