Pregnancy symptoms week 9

Pregnancy symptoms week 9, come and go

Pregnancy symptoms week 9 are more obvious now, therefore, this is the time when you break your news of being pregnant to your family. At week 9, you are thinking about your life changes after the arrival of your baby. Your pregnancy symptoms, though are terrible but are happy and exciting to feel. When your ovum is fertilized to the sperm, this fertilized ovum is getting attached to your uterine wall. Then, your hypothalamus begins to secrete a hormone hCG, which is a diagnostic tool to confirm the pregnancy. This is the main cause of physical changes in pregnant women.

Pregnancy symptoms
A pregnant baby of 9 weeks in mother’s womb

Hormonal imbalance causes the body to have some visible changes which are the evidence of being pregnant. Some women may have these symptoms early or some may have late, depending on the concentration of the hormone. These pregnancy symptoms week by week vary under the production of progesterone hormone, estrogen, and other hormones. Pregnancy symptoms week 9 now become more prominent because you are ending your first trimester Pregnancy journey. You may be excited and happy to move ahead because your danger zone is going away.


Pregnancy symptoms week 9 are mild to moderate because it is the time when the hCG hormone level is at its peak and circulating in your whole body. It means some pregnancy symptoms are more severe at week 9. Following pregnancy symptoms week 9 you may experience.

1- Morning Sickness

About 80 to 90 percent of pregnant women experienced these early pregnancy symptoms during their pregnancy. Its name indicates, it occurs in the morning, but actually, it is all-day sickness. You feel nausea and vomiting daily during your pregnancy, but the severity may vary. At week 9, you feel this sickness at its worst. Therefore, try to feel better by taking frequent small meals and snacks. Some moms used ginger to prevent it. Don’t use any medicine to get relief without the prescription of your doctor.

2- Headaches

A commonly presenting pregnancy symptoms in pregnant women, again due to hormones. Lack of sleep, anxiety, dehydration, drug withdrawal stimulates these symptoms. To prevent pregnancy headaches, stay hydrated. Drink plenty of fluids. Take a proper sound sleep and stay away from your tensions. Don’t take aspirin to get relief. Consult with your health care provider before using any medication.

3- Breast Changes

Thank you! Again hormones. Breast are swollen, tender, and increased in size under the supervision of pregnancy hormones such as progesterone, estrogen, prolactin, and hCG. Milk production starts to arrange the feed for the coming baby. Areola (Darker portion around the nipple) becomes darker. The nipple becomes prominent and breasts are sore. This is the early physical symptom in almost all pregnant women.

4- More Urge To Pee (Frequent Urination)

As you are moving towards the third month, a pregnant lady has more urge to urinate. As the baby is growing, the uterus is expanding, it puts more pressure on your bladder. Moreover, the blood supply to the pelvic area is also increased. Therefore, pregnant women have more urge to urinate. Drink lots of fluids to compensate for the loss and stay hydrated.

5- Heartburn

Heartburn also includes pregnancy symptoms in week 9. Progesterone hormones slowdowns the digestion, therefore, it might cause indigestion and bloat.

6- Fatigue

You may feel very tired and sleepy around the day, which might be due to the progesterone hormone. In addition to hormones, you also using double energy to help your baby grow as well as to perform your daily routine tasks.

7- Food Cravings

A drastic change in your pregnancy hormones while you go through your pregnancy, may have a strong impact on your smell and taste. If you are feeling a craving for a non-foody substance such as clay, let your doctor know.
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