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Effective Birth Control Methods You Should Use

Are you sexually active and want to prevent unplanned pregnancy? Think about fertility care. Either way, contraception is a crucial topic for many people around the globe. Although wanting kids in life is an important step, avoiding pregnancy when not ready is essential too. 

It is up to an individual to decide the right time to get children, the number of kids, or even never to have any. Therefore, you need to be in control of your fertility as this is the only empowerment to control your decision. 

Being in control of your fertility lets you know and choose what works best for you regarding plans and personal health. Use condoms, IUDs, tuba ligation, and even pills like sprintec. Read on to discover more about different family planning methods to help you control your fertility.


The use of condoms is a popular form of contraception, and a good thing they also prevent STIs. You can choose either external or internal condoms depending on your body and the kind of sexual activity you ought to engage in. However, they can tear when not in proper use. 

Nevertheless, it is one of the most widely used and available everywhere, sometimes even free of charge.

Tubal Ligation 

Tubal ligation is a permanent surgical procedure conducted on women or vasectomy if it is done on men. It is a simple procedure that will make pregnancy impossible to take place as you have your fallopian tubes tied or sealed completely to avoid eggs from reaching the uterus. You only need to take a few days to recover fully. 

Tubal ligation will not impact your sexual function as you will continue to get your menstruation period even after the procedure. This is one of the most convenient contraceptive options that help control birth if you are confident and sure you don’t need more kids in the future.

Emergency Contraception

You risk getting pregnant if you get into intimacy without birth control measures. But emergency contraception such as ellaone contraceptive pill can help you control pregnancy. Emergency contraception comes in two types, including copper IUDs or pills. 

Regardless of the method of emergency contraception, you need to use it as soon as possible to enhance its effectiveness. Emergency contraceptives are not primary birth control but a backup to avoid unplanned pregnancy.


Oral contraception pills are yet another popular and well-known method of birth control. For example, the sprintec pills are taken daily, are easy to use, and are safe for self-management. In addition, you can buy them from your local pharmacy with a prescription, which means you can enjoy taking them without the need to see your doctor often. 

If you adhere to the doctor’s prescription, then pills are effective and also help lower painful heavy periods.

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Final Thoughts

Different people are suited to different contraceptive methods as a beginner; it all depends on you. You will need to mind your goals, lifestyles, how often you get intimacy, insurance coverage, partners’ opinions, and plans. 

With these factors in your mind, it is easy to settle on the method of birth control that suits you well. And since everyone is different on contraception, visit the doctor to advise you on the most effective and convenient procedure to take. Take your time to be sure you choose the best birth control method.

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