Pregnancy symptoms week 4

Pregnancy symptoms week 4, The Bump

Pregnancy duration is nine months or 36 to 40 weeks, involving the three trimesters. The first one and last one is the most crucial time regarding pregnancy. Pregnancy symptoms week 4 are the more obvious part of the first month when you begin noticing the physical changes. Why pregnancy symptoms week 4 are noticeable? The reason is the rise in the pregnancy hormones produced by the women’s body as well as by the placenta.

Week 4 after the missed period is the time when you have confirmed your pregnancy and might be more excited to see the physical changes or baby bumps. The fertilized ovum has attached to the uterine wall and begins to grow. This is the end of the first month, therefore, symptom begins to appear more drastic.


At 4 weeks pregnant, your baby is much smaller than a poppy seed, microscopically. Because the baby is known as a blastocyst at this stage. A blastocyst is a tiny ball or collection of the cells and is settling into his or new residential area (your womb). Actually, these cells preparing themselves for the next growth and development in further weeks.


At the 4 weeks pregnant, you can get a clear positive pregnancy test by home or blood test. Hormone hCG is secreted in a high amount at these weeks, so it can detect easily at home by a urine pregnancy test.


The same pregnancy hormones that give the positive pregnancy test, can also are responsible for the pregnancy symptoms week 4. These hormones increases quickly, therefore, 4 weeks pregnant with no symptoms is quite normal. These pregnancy symptoms week 4 include

1- Nausea

About 50 to 90 percent of pregnant women suffer from morning sickness, nausea or vomiting due to the hormonal imbalance. But don’t be worry, it is a normal sign of being pregnant. This symptom slowly gets aggressive and more severe until the nine weeks but getting improve after it. It may be associated with vomiting or not. It induces the anti-peristaltic movement which triggers nausea.

2- Mild cramping

You might experience mild cramping or bloat at week 4 pregnant, but it is not a problem because it indicates your fetus has implanted in the wall of your uterus. If cramping is severe or painful, you should consult with your health care provider. He will examine you to rule out any pathology.

3- A Missed period

Your missed period is a sign of being conceived. When your egg has been fertilized with the sperm, the LH surge diminished. Now no egg is ovulated, as there is no LH production. Missing your period throughout the pregnancy is evidence of the absence of LH or FSH.

4- Breast tenderness

The breast becomes sore to the touch due to the production of milk. The breast becomes enlarged and swollen. The areola becomes darkened and the nipple becomes prominent. Prolactin hormone starts milk production. Breast enlargement, soreness, tenderness is a part of pregnancy symptoms week 4.

5- Spotting

Slight bleeding at week 4 is considered normal as a result of the implantation of the fertilized ovum. This is a light brownish discharge. This is normal too. But the advice is the same if bleeding is severe then call your physician. Many times it is misinterpreted with the normal period, but its brownish color distinguished it from normal bleeding.

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