Swollen Eyes; What are the reasons behind it?

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Swollen Eyes

Swollen eyes basically occurs when there comes swelling (inflammation) and too much fluid, namely edema in the connective tissues near about the eye. It does not just annoy you in makeup but also it makes you look terrifying and horrible. It can be painful sometimes or sometimes it doesn’t bother you to bear pain along with your ugliness feeling. Swelling of eyes can occur on both upper and lower eyelids.

Causes of swollen eyes;

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Some of the causes of swollen eyes are;

  • Allergy
  • eye infection
  • injuries
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Swollen Eyes

Some other symptoms are as following:

  • itchy eyes (irritation in eyes)
  • photo-phobia (light sensitivity)
  • excessive tears production
  • block vision
  • redness of eyelid
  • red eyes and swelling of conjunctiva
  • leakage of eyes
  • dryness in eyelids
  • pain because of infection
  • cosmetics
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Swollen Eyes

1. Allergies

It is a common reason that causes swollen eyes and very easy to treat. It can cause because of dust particles, smoke, pollution and chemicals etc. Allergies actually occurs when the protective cells of eyes give off their duty to protect eyes and damage our eyes.

2. Eye infection

Eye infection causes swelling of eyes and there are many chances of its spreading from one eye to another. Eyes infection usually goes away within weeks. Just don’t touch or rub your eyes. Further go and see your doctor for medical treatment.

stye: A stye is an disease in an eyelash follicle or a tear organ. It ordinarily starts as a minor little bump along your lash line. A stye can lead to redness, swelling, and discharge within the eye or eyelid

chalazion: A chalazion is comparable to stye. It’s caused by a blocked oil organ in your eyelid. A chalazion as a rule looks like a little bump on the eyelid. It can lead to swelling on the off chance that it gets contaminated.

Grave’s disease: As Thyroid Eye Diseases, Grave infection is an immune system condition that causes aggravation of your eye. It relates to a thyroid issue.

You can further read it in detail: Graves Eye Disease causes, symptoms, treatment, Prognosis

Orbital cellulitis: This irritation, which spreads from your sinuses, happens more regularly in children than in grown-ups. It causes redness and agonizing swelling of your eyelid and the skin encompassing your eyes.

3.  Injuries

A small scratch or hit can cause injury in your skin. As, eye is the most sensitive area so it can easily be damaged with a single nail scratch. Your body’s immune system will heal your area.


Go and see a doctor and take medical treatment if your swollen eyes are not coming back to their beauty. Try some home remedies too as, these remedies also play a very important role to make your eyes better.

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