best home remedies of swollen eyes

Best Home Remedies of Swollen Eyes along With Treatment


Swollen Eyes! What are the reasons behind it? There can be many reasons for swelling in your eyes or puffiness in your eyes. There are many home remedies of swollen eyes. But firstly you should understand the difference between swollen and puffiness of eyes.

Puffiness can cause because of:Swollen Eyes

  • over crying
  • not enough sleep
  • eye irritation

Treatments of swollen eyes

  • If you are going through style then a warm compress can treat the swollen eyes. This would be the same treatment as chalazia. 
  • What? Have you taken too much amount of sodium? And, your eyes got swell. Don’t worry, here are the best remedies of swollen eyes;

* Eating food that contains potassium can cure the swelling of your eyes. For example,

  1. bananas
  2. yogurt
  3. potatoes
  4. dried apricot
  5. cooked Broccoli
  • If you’re suffering from allergy, wash your eyes. Wash your nose frequently and use antihistamine eye drops so it can cure the allergy. It would take out dust particles, pollen, and any other particle from your eyes if there would be any.
  • Sometimes smoking can cause your eyes too swollen. In that case wash your face, clothes, and hair.
  • If you have any kind of infection, there are many chances of spreading of eye infection. Avoid touching your eyes. Also, use a clean, warm, and wet towel. Press your eyes with a warm towel.
  • Tear ducts drain away tears and natural water in the eyes. If they are blocked, this can stop the water drainage and causes swelling. Normally, a warm compress and washing out the eye with sterile saline help to clear this blockage.
  • If you are feeling exhausting, water retention overnight and not getting enough sleep can cause your eyes swollen and puffiness. In that case, apply the cold compress on your eyes by lying down putting your head on the pillow. Drink a lot of water to reduce water retention as well.
  • If you are wearing contacts and you are feeling your eyes are getting swell. Immediately remove the contacts. Close your eyes and have some rest.
  • Rest, cool compresses, elevating the head, and drinking water may help in reducing the swollen of eyes which happens because of over crying.


Cosmetics is also the reason for swollen eyes

When cosmetics and skincare items get into the eyes, they can aggravate the eyes and encompassing tissue, making a swollen, ruddyagonizing mess.

In the event that individuals encounter burning and swollen eyes, they ought to utilize manufactured tears (eye drops) that are accessible at the drugstore, to assist relieve the inconvenience.

In case the burning proceeds or gets more regrettable, the individual ought to see an eye doctor. Avoid utilizing eye-whitening drops or any other items to soothe the torment. These items can have startling chemical responses with cosmetics and skincare items.

Some other home remedies of swollen eyes:

Here you found some other home Remedies to overcome swollen eyes.

Cool serums or creams

You can keep your creams and eye serum in a cool place or fridge that soothes your eyes and helps you to reduce swelling, itching, and pain, etc.


By keeping tea bags on your eyes lying down can soothe the swelling. Just lay down closing your eyes. Put cold tea bags (placed in the fridge almost for 10 min), it will reduce your swelling and dark circles too. As it contains caffeine which is best for swelling and dark circles. It is one of the best home remedies among all the home remedies of swollen eyes.


Massage around your eyes can help to reduce swelling. It improves the flow of blood and water too.

best home remedies of swollen eyes

Go and see a doctor

  • The need arises to see a doctor when there is no betterment in swelling.
  • Your eyes started to be in pain.
  • When your vision starts to decrease.
  • In case of blur vision.
  • If puss starts to come out from your eyes.

HP Thoughts: Swollen eyes are sometimes caused by allergens in our surroundings. How would you cope if you contract one? We show you how — Allergic Conjunctivitis.


If your eyes are getting swollen, don’t worry about it. There are many home remedies for swollen eyes. Swollen eyes can be cured without any treatment. In case, swelling is still there after trying these remedies it is better to go for medication.

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