Tracheal Shave

Tracheal Shave: Procedue, Cost, Recovery & Side Effects

A tracheal shave (Adam’s Apple reduction surgery) is a type of facial feminization surgery. It means that this surgery shapes the faces in a feminine way. It is mostly done on trans women and non-binary trans people. It is also done on cisgender women who want the same effect.

Tracheal Shave

The tracheal shave is also known as chondrolaryngoplasty, or thyroid cartilage reduction. It is a surgical procedure in which the thyroid cartilage is reduced in size. It reduced by shaving down the cartilage through an incision in the throat. The role of the thyroid cartilage is to protect the vocal cords from damage.

A large Adam’s apple is a male secondary sex characteristic. For people who are transitioning from male to female, having a tracheal shave can prove best for them.

Why Tracheal Shave Should Be Done?

All peopleregardless of sex, have a small amount of cartilage within the throat to secure the vocal stringsDuring adolescence, hormonal changes cause this cartilage to develop and form a sort of bump in people relegated male at birth (AMAB). When Adam’s apple increases in the estimate, it causes voice pitch to ended up more profound.

An unmistakable bump is considered to be a masculine secondary sex characteristic. Usually why AMAB trans patients regularly select to experience a tracheal shave operation; together with other facial sex markers, having a less recognizable Adam’s apple can help patients to feel more comfortable with their appearance.

Procedure Of Tracheal Shave:

It can be done under local anesthesia as an outpatient procedure, or in an operating room under general anesthesia.

The tracheal shave can be done at the same time as other facial feminization surgical procedures (e.g. jaw reduction, forehead reduction, rhinoplasty, etc.). In this case, you will be put under general anesthesia for the tracheal shaving operation.

The most excellent trachea shave strategy is to create a littleflat entry point covered up in a skin wrinkle beneath the chin or jaw.

There are numerous ways to maintain a strategic distance from an unsightly incision just over the bump. The specialist will:

  • crease back the muscles before the thyroid cartilage so that they can diminish the measure of the foremost conspicuous parts.
  • At long lastthe entire thing is sewed back up over the presently littler Adam’s apple.

Take after:

  • After surgery, you will be taken to a recovery room and observed for a period of time before being discharged.
  • If your case is critical, you may be required to stay for a night in the hospital.
  • Take rest for a day or two.
  • Avoid sturdy activity and singing or speaking loudly.

How Much It Cost?

If you have health insurance, you are lucky. If you don’t have health insurance then it is much expensive. You must have $3,000 to $4,000. Some health insurance companies cover the cost of facial feminization surgeries but normally they are very few.

In the event that you’re transitioning and wish to challenge your health insurance company’s choiceyou will be able to discover professional Bono or low-cost legal representation to assist you to pursue scopeYou’ll be able to get to a lawyer through the National Center for Transgender Equality’s Trans Lawful Administrations Arrange Catalog.


Recovery time depends on how you take care of yourself. In starting days, you will feel some irritation in your throat. Don’t talk during this duration. Consume soft foods or follow a liquid diet.

Side Effects

It includes:

  • slight pain
  • swelling
  • bruising
  • sore throat
  • weak voice
  • difficulty swallowing

Potential Risks

There are some risks associated with having anesthesia. These include:

  • Postoperative delirium and breathing problems
  • Removal of too much thyroid cartilage
  • A too-prominent scar

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The tracheal shave is a type of facial feminization surgery that is used to reduce the size of Adam’s apple. It may be done on trans women, non-binary trans people, and cisgender women.

It’s important to get it done by a highly-skilled surgeon to avoid risks to the vocal cords or scarring.

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